Max 8 years
Domestic Medium Hair, Tabby
Greencross Vet North Parramatta, NSW

There are no ordinary cats!

Job title

Patient Supurrvisor

My day-to-day task list

Morning Tasks: Meow as loud as I can, following my humans around until I am fed. Watch admissions from the reception door. I stand in the middle of the hallway when my nurses are in a hurry bringing dogs through to stay for the day. I will not move for anyone! Sleep on my favourite chair! (The vets chair) If there are any meetings happening I will gain everyone’s attention. Once I chased my own tail but normally I just insist on sitting on everyone’s lap, they love it. Afternoon Tasks: Lunch time! The moment anyone looks away or answers a phone call I will eat their lunch. I check on the hospital patients, then back to my chair to sleep some more. If I hear some clients come in I will go and say hello to get a pat. Dinner time! I let my humans know an hour before, in case they want to feed me early.

My favourite things

Food. Pats -on my terms of course! Food. Anything warm to sleep on. Food.

My naughtiest habit

Sometimes I will sneak into the reception area and use my claw to open a 7kg bag of dog prescription diet, I will then help myself to the food. All I can eat!

What do my clients think of me?

They all love me! Some will ask to see me every time they come in for a visit!