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Megs 4 years

Domestic Short Haired Goddess, Ginger
Warwick Town and Country Vets, QLD

Gingers to rule the world!

Job title

Animal Welfare Officer/Food Tester/Receptionist

My day-to-day task list

My day-to-day task list normally starts out by harassing my human slaves until they satisfy my culinary delights, followed by sunning myself either in a doorway or somewhere that my human slaves can trip over me, greeting the lovely people of my world, antagonising the canine patients (Dumb canines), jamming the printer (espescially during the busiest time of the day, I find that my human slaves really enjoy this), temperature testing all towels to ensure adequate coziness, inspecting all cat carry cages that come in to ensure all safety requirments are in place and supervising consults which requires me to taste the liver treats before each patient receives one. Of course in between each job I'm required to nap as I have a highly stressful and busy day!

My favourite things

I LOVE food, sleeping and lots of attention. My human slaves are generally quite good at keeping this to my satisafaction however sometimes I need to venture to the waiting area for more attention. I love hiding/falling asleep in random places right before closing, this is to ensure my human slaves never leave on time (They really love it). One of my favourite games is to play chicken with the biggest and baddest canines (dumb canines), this ensures full panic mode is deployed by all staff members (For some reason they think I am going to get eaten (Silly Humans).

My naughtiest habit

I believe I am purrfect, therefore I am never naughty! ;)

What do my clients think of me?

Obvioulsy they adore me, as i am fabulous!

Other things you should know about me

Volunteer work: I recently volunteered by having my fur shaved for the Leukaemia Foundation Worlds Greatest Shave. With myself and a few other animals we managed to raise $670 and I got to be the fabulous Megasaurus!!

Fun Fact: Did you know I am rare? 75% of ginger cats are male! It is rare that you would find such a fabulous FEMALE ginger cat like me - obviously this is why gingers rule the world, and why I am the most AWESOME ginger of all!

Education: I have currently been studying at the University of Cool Cats. This has helped me to excell in my acting skills as one day I hope to become rich and famous (Dermcare Queen). My current skills are being able to sit, fist pump, high five and lay down. I have also done a small amount of modelling in my time as you can see by my photos. Generally my human slaves make me wear weird costumes and tell me how cute I am, I deal with it because they bribe me with treats.







Voting has now closed! Please see the winners of the competition listed here Cat of the Year Winner