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Milky Moo Moo 11 years

Domestic Short Hair, White
Wentworth Falls Animal Hospital, NSW

I'm sorry, did someone say "food"??

Job title

Practice Manager & Food Connoisseur

My day-to-day task list

My morning ritual is to start howling at the humans at 8am to let me out of my bedroom suite. Once they have done this, I will stalk them until they give me my morning meal - "Operation Get Food". I like to make my way to reception where I wait for the first clients of the day to arrive and will sit just far away enough that they cant reach me but they can see the 'stink-eyes' I am gifting them. This is tiring work so I need to take a short 6 hour nap, preferably in the softest and most inconvienient place for all the staff, wherever they're trying to work is where I want to be. Sometimes they move me but there are plenty of places for me to sit which will enrage the staff and other animals in the hospital, so I usually choose the warmest spot. Once I've had my nap, it is time to hassle the nurses for scraps of their lunch. This is part 2 of "Operation Get Food" which has multiple parts per day. After lunch I need to have another nap, but I will park myself on the heat mat in the treatment room, once they've all finished with their "work" and "surgeries". After this nap, its time for part 3 of "Operation Get Food" - the afternoon edition is where I put in the most energy and will relentlessly hassle, stalk and cry at everyone to feed me until they do their jobs. The rest of the afternoon and evening is spent on the heat mat, or watching insects through the front windows... But I can never be bothered to catch them if they're inside the clinic. That's not my job.

My favourite things

I'm completely obsessed with all the warm towels and blankets which have come straight out of the dryer. Oh how I love to hide under them and roll about! I am also a huge fan of a freshly emptied cardboard box. I did once try to fit into an empty 20ml syringe box - I think I did a great job but my underlings scoffed at me.. My number 1 favourite thing is roast chicken so if you're looking at getting me a present, this would be the correct choice. I also think its really great to rub myself all over the nurses pants, especially when they've just used the sticky roller to get all the fur off so they're nice and fresh!

My naughtiest habit

If any of the staff have put an animal in my bedroom suite, I will show my discontent by marching into the xray room and doing a poop and wee on the floor. Bedroom sharing is not okay!!!! I also like to wait until the vet has just sat down to do some work and do a big poo in my litter tray right next to his desk. I love seeing the look on his face when my steamy mess wafts over to him!!

What do my clients think of me?

The clients always praise my big beautiful blue eyes and pristine white coat. Sometimes if I like someone, I'll go and sit next to them or on their lap. And if I really lie someone, I will let them hold me like a baby and drool all over them. Some people wonder if I am deaf because I am a white cat with blue eyes - I am not deaf, I have extremely selective hearing, and I'm usually not interested in what anyone has to say if it doesnt involve food! Some people also mention my weight - they get a dose of my famous "stink eye". I'm just big boned!!

Other things you should know about me

I was found on a cold wintery night by a young boy at the local train station. I was only about 3 months old. I used my magical blue-eyed powers and all the staff & clients have been wrapped around my little fluffy white powder puff paws ever since.

Voting has now closed! Please see the winners of the competition listed here Cat of the Year Winner