Mintie 7 years
Domestic short hair, White
Cleveland Vet Clinic , QLD

In my Clinic I am Queen!!!

Job title


My day-to-day task list

Eating (regardless wether it is mine or not) shedding on clean washing so all patients know I'm boss, sleeping (preferably in a freshly cleaned cage)

My favourite things

Food, clean laundry and my staff members

My naughtiest habit

Stealing food!! My staff have not been able to find a food container that I cannot get into!! They even have to keep all in house pet food in a locked cage so I don't steal it.

What do my clients think of me?

They know I'm boss around here

Other things you should know about me

Me and my little black kitten came to my Clinic as strays where my now staff members took good care of us and tried to find us homes. While my kitten found a home very fast, no one was interested in me. One day my staff members decided this is where I belong and I have not looked back since!!

Even though I am naughty sometimes My staff members love me to bits! I give them cuddles when they look sad and warm their seats for them in the morning so they are comfortable, I have even saved a few patients lives by giving blood!! I love this place and will not leave the Clinic! Even when forced out for walks I claw my way back in!! This is my castle where I am treated like the princess I was born to be!!