Mr Walter Wallace McFluffin 5 years
DLH, Tabby & White
Barn Veterinary Clinic, NSW

This is really my clinic the humans just pay the mortgage

Job title

Meowanger & Customer Relations

My day-to-day task list

Get kitty crack (aka greenies treats or any human food for that matter), Keeping the customers(and any tired staff) on their toes by jumping down from the roof with an all mighty thud. Chief mice catch and release office (nothing better than seeing the girls scream in delight when I bring them a present). Just generally being a sassy cat walking in front of patients recovering from surgery to make sure they wake up with a fright

My favourite things

Sharing lunch with my two legged colleagues... oh who am I kidding I mean stealing. Making sure i'm center of attention by preventing any computer use as you all know a keyboard is the comfiest bed in the clinic. Continuously walking into the surgery room despite being kicked out multiple times(what can I say I love being close to my two legged colleagues)

My naughtiest habit

Breaking into the 13kg bag of dog food just for a midday snack & ensuring I am always attended to even if it means getting the security guards in by setting off all of the alarms over the weekend

What do my clients think of me?

A cute and loveable cat but looks can be deceiving

Other things you should know about me

I have a feather duster tail that I parade around with dignity but shhh no one knows that it holds my secret stash of sticky beaks... until they start patting me mwhaha