Noisey 2 years
Eclectus Parrot, Red and Blue
Direct Vet Services, VIC

Dermcare Honorary Clinic Cat of the Year

Job title

Clinic greeter, HR manager and general clown

My day-to-day task list

Greeting Clients, encouraging pets in the hydrotherapy treadmill and laughing at staff jokes

My favourite things

Fresh fruit and berries and a good belly scratch

My naughtiest habit

Pulling the pins out of the door on my cage and letting myself out

What do my clients think of me?

Clients find me really entertaining, and sometimes a comforting distraction

Other things you should know about me

Noisey came to us as a hatchling, surrendered for euthinasia as she was so unwell, reared by the practice pooch "Clover" with the help of Dr Karen she made a full recovery. She is a total chatter box, welcoming clients into the clinic with a "hello", encouraging patients in the Hydrotreadmill with "come-on, come-on" and wishing clients a goodbye when they leave. Uncannily though she seems to know when patients are here to start their journey accoss the rainbow bridge and has on occassion said "Bye" to them as they enter the consult. Clients who have been struggling with their decision have found this strangely comforting as though Noisey knew it was their time. Best of all though she lets out the most appropriately timed belly laughs at all the staff and client joke.