Ollie 14 years
Domestic Short Hair, Ginger
Elgar Road Vet Clinic, VIC

Not all heroes wear capes!

Job title

Food taster, nurse, mentor to adoption kittens and expert 'feed me, I'm cute' face maker!

My day-to-day task list

I start off my day with some vocal excercises, namely yelling at anyone I see to give me my breakfast! After I have eaten my fill I wander outside to drink from one of my many sources of water, if I feel like saying hello to the fish in the pond I will sometimes just drink from the pond while I'm at it, I am quite the multi tasker! The rest of my day is spent like this: I look out for my fellow clinic cat Bjorn, who is a blind old gentleman that needs my guidance and advise from time to time (he is featured in one of my photos with me; hint, he's the less handsome one). I help the nurses by sitting up the front on the diary so I can schedule appointments and give helpful hints to the clients who come to see me. I also help said clients by demonstrating how cats can have medical issues and still be awesome - just take me for example - renal disease and hyperthyroidism... give me a special diet and some radioactive iodine treatment and just look at me! Thriving! The rest of my afternoon is leisurely, if we have adoption kittens I'll do some 'uncle duties' like mentoring, I'll also wander down to the cattery to say hello to all the kitties boarding with us, then I'll stretch out in the sunshine and wait for dinner time to roll around! After I make sure Bjorn is tucked into bed and medicated I'm finally ready to turn in and have sweet dreams about all the food I hope to be given the following day :)

My favourite things

Food, pats, food, sunshine, greenies treats, helping the nurses, my birthday because I get extra food and being called handsome!

My naughtiest habit

I steal food from the adoption kittens and excel at breaking out of my house in the dead of night to tear open bags of canine dental biscuits and have myself a well deserved midnight feast!

What do my clients think of me?

That I'm the best looking nurse in the clinic, I'm perpetually hungry and that I am a big sweetheart :)

Other things you should know about me

They've promised to give me a treat for every vote I get... so what are you waiting for?!?!