Oscar 9 years
Domestic Short Hair, Black and white
Port Road West Croydon Veterinary Clinic, SA

Will work for food... Well, I'll consider it!

Job title

Employee of the month (every month)

My day-to-day task list

Look, it's a pretty busy life keeping up my title of 'Employee of the Month'. My day usually begins around 8am when my staff arrive and serve me breakfast. It is the most important meal of the day you know. Then I head outside to do a brief security check of the yard before strolling out to the nearby bus stop so that I can have my secret "second breakfast" which I still believe the staff don't know about. After that I return to the front door of the clinic to welcome our morning clients. Around 10:30am after I play yo-yo with the door for an hour, I retire to the back of the clinic to snooze either in the sink or on top of the washing machine until dinner is served around 5pm. After dinner I do another shift at the front door followed by a snooze in the recycling box before finally retiring to my quarters for the evening. It truly is a hard life!

My favourite things

Food. Belly rubs. Food. Hiding in boxes. Food. Sitting on the printer in winter. Food. Playing with scrunched up paper. And food.

My naughtiest habit

Breaking into the clinic food if I'm not being watched. I just like keeping my staff on their toes!

What do my clients think of me?

I've got them fooled into thinking I don't have a cheeky bone in my body. They love me!