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Princess 2 years

Domestic Short Hair , Tortoiseshell
Deepwood Veterinary Hospital , WA

The Story of a Brave Cat

Job title

Food Monitor

My day-to-day task list

I let everyone know when it's meal time, humans as well as the other clinic cats.

My favourite things

Food, food and more food! Occasionally a pat when I'm in the mood.

My naughtiest habit

Giving unexpected "love bites" when wanting attention.

What do my clients think of me?

My clients think I am very pretty but also very brave for overcoming the many issues I faced when I was first brought to the clinic. They always ask how I'm doing and wonder where I am when I'm not about.

Other things you should know about me

My name is Princess and my story as a beloved clinic cat began two years ago. I was a very sick stray found in a paddock of someone’s property. Technically I was a feral that had not had any human contact before in my life but, being very unwell at the time, I didn’t have any energy to put up a fight or escape the person that found me.  

Assessing my condition at the clinic, the staff were surprised that I was still alive. I was very skinny, unable to walk or move and my temperature was very low. Despite all that I had against me, the nurse saw a spark in my eye that said I wasn’t quite ready to leave this earth yet. I was given a week to see if my condition would improve, otherwise it would be time for me to say goodbye.

After a week of antibiotics, steroid anti-inflammatory, fluids, proper meals and TLC, I was starting on the road to recovery. I was putting weight on and eating well.  My next hurdle would be learning to walk again. The nurses started doing regular physiotherapy with me and I was given nerve stimulating medication to get me walking again and to help me build up my muscle strength. Giving me oral medication daily was not such a fun job for the nurses but I didn’t mind after a while, as I would get a delicious liver wurst treat at the same time and I can never say no to food. It was the only way they could get the medication into my mouth without losing a finger.  

After a month I was walking again! Not very well, I was wobbly on my feet but with more practice I was able to move around more steadily and freely. Everyone at the clinic was amazed at how far I had come. These days I only have a few minor issues such as not knowing how to groom myself properly which means I have a regular spa day to freshen me up which I’ve learnt to tolerate. My first ever bath was not a fun experience for the nurse or myself for that matter. Unfortunately she felt the wrath of my teeth. I couldn’t move at the time but I found the strength to let her know that I was not impressed with being put in the water even though I was in desperate need to be cleaned. Like I said, I have learnt to tolerate it.

I now enjoy my days playing in the back garden of the clinic chasing the little insects under the leaf litter, enjoying the warmth of the sunshine whilst I have my afternoon nap and admiring the birds in the aviary, watching them with such fascination. Feeding time is my favourite time! I’m usually the first one at the back door peering in to see whether the humans have prepared my meal yet. I get super excited when I’m put into my warm cosy cage at night and hear the rattle of the biscuits in my bowl. I get so excited I give the tiniest little squeak of a meow and give a gentle nudge and smooch to say thank you. I may not be the cuddliest cat in the world but I can be quite sweet when I’m in need of attention and a good pat.

I may have had a hard start to life but I’m definitely enjoying the perks of the good life now. 

Voting has now closed! Please see the winners of the competition listed here Cat of the Year Winner