Sesame 6 months
Domestic Shorthair, Ginger & White
Caseys Beach Veterinary Clinic, NSW

With a face like this, who needs a slogan?

Job title

Official greeter, staff morale booster, box inspector, paperwork warmer, foster brother to stray kittens and manager of mayhem.

My day-to-day task list

5:00 am: Wake up, decide which toy to drown in my water bowl, then wait patiently for my staff to arrive. 8:00 am: The first of my staff arrive. I meow and swipe at all passersby to remind them how patient I am... waiting... until, finally, FREEDOM! 8:30 am: I await the arrival of the rest of my staff in eager anticipation. Sometimes I can’t wait any longer to go outside and use the big boy litter tray so I have to finish my greetings later. 8:40 am: Once I have said hello to everyone, I go outside to do my business. I then play in the dust under the house until my paws turn from white to black. After that, I earn my keep by checking that the undersides of all the vehicles out the back are in good working order. 10:00 am: I come back inside to make sure the girls have correctly caged the animals – dogs on the bottom so I can sit and stare and sometimes swipe at them, cats up top so I get some exercise climbing up to introduce myself. 11:00 am: My staff start surgery and I get to play a great game with them where I see if I can sneak into the operating theatre without anyone noticing. They aren’t very good sports though; if I win too many times they make me go and play outside again. 1:00 pm: Once surgery is finished I like to peek into the patients’ cages to make sure they are all recovering ok. If they have food, I sometimes perform a quality control check on that by reaching in with my paw to collect a sample. 2:00 pm: I like to keep some variety in my afternoon activities. Sometimes I spend some time in reception greeting clients and patients arriving for their afternoon appointments. Other days I visit the dogs in the doggy day care yard. I try to initiate staring contests with them, but sadly none of them seem to grasp the concept - further proof of feline superiority. 4:00 pm: I seek out a staff member for my requisite afternoon snuggle session & often a sneaky snack, which my staff make me sit & shake paws for - i just play along with their silly games. 5:00 pm: I begin to sense bedtime approaching. Now begins my favourite game of the day. I watch the door closely, waiting for someone to leave it open just a second too long. In an orange blur I race outside. The chase begins. I duck and weave under cars, faster than a speeding bullet. If my escape outside has been unsuccessful, I instead hide under the one display stand where no one can reach me. The game continues until one, preferably two staff members have joined in and have produced an acceptable offering of treats. Once caught I give a few token meows of protest as they carry me to my cage, where I immediately lie down and make myself comfortable for the night. 5:30pm: I squeak out a tired meow to my staff as they leave. 5:31pm: zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

My favourite things

My mummies, greenies, toy mice, liver treats, sleeping in the in filing tray (which I have definitely not grown out of, no matter what it may look like).

My naughtiest habit

Stealing toy mice from the display stand in reception, despite the fact that I have plenty of my own already - oh how they tempt me! I also once tried to go on an adventure by jumping into a delivery truck, but sadly my grand travel plans were foiled by the very surprised driver. Jumping up onto the theatre table to check on patients - I thought that would be very favourable amongst my staff, but it wasn't to be. Also, I am the reason plants are no longer allowed in the office...

What do my clients think of me?

They think I'm stunningly handsome of course - who wouldn't? Recently, a client who usually describes herself as "not really a cat person" was heard plotting to steal me. Proof my charms are universal.

Other things you should know about me

Nicknames: Munchie, Sess-Poo, Sessie-Bum, Your Majesty (ok, I may have made the last one up.)

My absolute favourite job is acting as a foster brother to any stray kittens that come into the clinic. I love to make sure that they know how to wash themselves, where to find the food and water bowls, and, most importantly of all, how to play with other cats. The only thing I don't like about this job is that the kittens can't stay and play with me forever and ever.

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