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Sox 9 years

DSH, Ginger
Beverly Hills Animal Hospital, NSW

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Job title

Penthouse Suite Manager

My day-to-day task list

I am always the first to get out, leaving my big brother lagging behind, after being locked up over night. After a few minutes the nurse seem to have forgotten about me, but I don,t let them. Following them around, getting under their feet and meowing, finally I hear the food conatiner open - it's breakfast time! Even though I love my food I try not to eat it all as my fellow cat boarding friends will soon get their breakfast too and I may be able to steal some of their's. Their owners bring them delicious tinned food and treats which I am not allowed to have. After checking out what everyone has to eat I get caught by the nurse and escorted out of the boarding area, but as the door doesn't latch properly, I am able to push it open while the nurse is not looking and start licking the remains of an empty cat bowl - YUM!! After getting caught again and escorted out I will check on clients enjoying their stay in the Beverly Hills SUITE . If the suite is unoccupied, which is rare, I will marvel in all the comforts it has to offer including the soft bed and tree house basket. Afterwards I enjoy a few hours sleep on the hammack outside in the sun or help the nurse fold up towels as they know how helpful I can be. I sit on the very top of the pile and when they struggle to get the towel out from underneath me - just as they think they have it - I grab it off them. Oh, so much fun! I love to go outside and eat the grass out of my boss' plants, but this is quite rare as we are not used to going outside because we live on a very busy road. Maybe, if we're REALLY good, Santa will give us a grassy indoor pot plant for Christmas. Daylight saving or not, I know when it's time for dinner, so occasionally, in the evening, I venture downstairs to the hospital, just in case they've forgotten to feed me. I love to socialise with the nurses and some of the animals, so I hang downstairs and sit on the seat in the treament area and do my nails on the fabric chair, or I like to spread myself out on the treatment room table when it has just been cleaned. I used to be very shy but have really opened up in the last couple of months and take a stroll out into the waiting room even when it's occupied. The nurse heads upstairs and so it must be dinner time and bed so I chase her up the stairs and get under her feet and meow until the food is in my bowl

My favourite things

I love any type of food and or treat you have to offer, but BBQ chicken it high on the list. I enjoy a pat and cuddle from all my staff especially at lunch time when they are trying to eat and jump on the table. My all time favourite thing to do is lay all over the clean towels and each time they take a towel I take that one back or roll over when the next one is taken.

My naughtiest habit

I sit on the toiIet seat and put my paws inside the toilet bowl and drink the toilet water. The nurses and vets have caught me out on occasion, if not, I have left my paw print evidence on the toilet seat. I have been known to tear open bags of food and eat too much to the point where the staff come upstairs to find piles of vomit. I don't like any veterinary treatment, like having a needle, getting my teeth checked, worming tablets - the worst is the liquid on the back of my neck

What do my clients think of me?

Love me if I gave them a chance, but they think I have escaped from the hospital, as I'm quite shy and tend to hang out upstairs a lot, so when I do make an apperance downstairs, it is only a brief look through the recpetion doorway and as soon as I here voices I tend to back off, Im not sure why as they all love me and can't get enough of me. My brother and I are well known to clients, as we have our own photo board on reception with all our goofy looks which is quite embarrassing but the clients love it

Other things you should know about me

I came to Beverly Hills Animal Hospital just over 9 years ago with my twin brother Sax and we live together. My brother Sax entered last year, so I said "Move over big boy and give me a shot at rocking this competition". My brother and I get on really well and I love to sit right next to him - vetually ontop of him to get his attention to give me a bath as I can not be bothered. If he stops, I grab him round the neck with my 2 front legs and give him a love bite on the neck to continue on with my bath.

 I once was a blood donor many years ago and have been blood typed


Voting has now closed! Please see the winners of the competition listed here Cat of the Year Winner