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Theo 7 years

DMH, Ginger & White with a smudge of grey
Biggera Waters, QLD

" Behind Every Great Clinic, There Is A Great Cat.."

Job title

God's Gift to Biggera Waters

My day-to-day task list

7.18am Where are those nurses? Do they not realise what time it is?... 7.28am Well well. Look who finally showed up... Alright no stopping for pats... Feed me!!! 7.45am Alright drink time. Meow "turn on the tap"... meow... meow...MEOW!!! 7.49am Ahhh so refreshing.. 8.20am Hmm might toddle off down to the groomer... A morning brush. Yes please!!! 9.45am Ooo an open cupboard..whats in comfy... zzzzzz 12.15pm zzzz..ahh stretch. Yawn... Hey?! Hey?! who turned off the lights!!... Stratch..stratch...meow Oh dont "hey theo me... how did you get in there "... Revenge will be mine... 2.15pm Ha ha ha the kitchen door is open... sniff sniff..this looks nice..revenge is mine!!! ...Quick leave the scene of the crime to the prep area... 2.40pm "Theo did you pee on my bag!!!" Haha me?? Silly i have been sitting on the bench the entire time.. It must have been George.. 3.17pm Meeooowww!! Hiissss!! Whoa that kitty doesnt sound happy. I might go see whats going on. Dont hustle me away you idiotic nurse. I am here to help.... Making it worse? Mee? Alright settle down, i am out of here... 4pm Hmm I am getting a little peckish.. Meow.. Excuse me. Oh hey what you doing there? Oh No..your not going feed me? Fine I'll just chew on some plastic.. 4.55pm " Boys dinner" Huh? What was tha.. "Come on boys dinnertime" Yes!! Food!! Move George!! Run quicker !! Lets eat!! 5PM Crunch crunch... slurp slurp... "Mmm delicious, hey George" 5.15PM Ahhh what a day George!!! Night night!!! Lets do it all again tomorrow!!!

My favourite things

Eat, sleep, get brushed, repeat

My naughtiest habit

Do you know those patients that scratch, bite and try to tear the vets & nurses to shreds? Well thats not me...ok yes it is... consider it staff training.

What do my clients think of me?

Client relations in not my forte. Individuals blessed with my presence will always fall head over heels for me. I allow them to stroke my luxurious coat and tickle my chin but if they over stay their welcome i soon let them know. Many times i have been called dirty. My handsome face is often mistaken for a smudge of dirt. Water off a duck's back; there is no defying my perfection.

Other things you should know about me

Well my story begin many years ago when i was a teenie tiny bundle of joy. I was found lost and abandoned and brought to this place i now call home.
Good looks, with a dazzling charm and a charismatic personality. No wonder they named me "Theodore" which is greek for "Gods gift".

Me and my best bud George run this place. George is the front of the clinic man. He keeps an eye on reception with his top priority being food quality control. If your food purchase heads out with a few bite marks be sure to return it, it may not be up to stratch. He likes to help out in the consult rooms, keeping a firm surveillance from the crack under the door. George is what you would probably call a scaredy cat. He will run from noise, people, even his own shadow. But when it's nice and calm you may be lucky enough to pet him.
I on the other hand prefer keeping order in the clinics back area. Supervising. Directing. Deligating. I like to keep them nurses on their toes. A cat of all trades. The nurses & vets seem to see it differently but what do they know...

Oh and did i mention my blood donations have saved many lives.
So yeah, i suppose you can probably say I'm a big deal around here..

Voting has now closed! Please see the winners of the competition listed here Cat of the Year Winner