Tiger 6 years
Domestic short Hair, Mackerel Tabby
Abbotsbury Vet Clinic, NSW

Tiger The Tabby, Protecting The Vets and Nurses Since 2011

Job title

2nd in Command/Security cat

My day-to-day task list

I start my day by singing the song of my people with the choir. After breakfast I like to supervise the nurse as she takes the dogs out on their morning walks (cause they can’t walk themselves like I can) and you never know what might be out there ready to pounce. Once the patients start coming in for their procedures, I like to come out and greet them (they aren’t always happy to see me, can you believe that?) and of course make sure their bed is nice and comfortable. As the day progresses I like to keep active, so while the Vets and Nurses are busy caring for sick cats and dogs I like to man the front desk. This way I am always prepared for any patients or clients who might come in and sometimes I can sneak in a nap on someone’s lap. Even better if they don’t like cats (I always change their mind) My days are often spent coming in and out of the clinic, getting some sun if the weather is nice, a man needs to work on his tan you know. Sometimes I go over and visit the people having a snack or lunch at the cafe next door. All the people in the shopping complex know me and sometimes I get a sneaky little treat. The girls keep telling them to stop, that I might get sick but of course they can’t resist me, could you? The people I enjoy greeting the most are the Nurses and Vets when they come in to work. I am just so smart, I have memorised all their cars and the number plates so when I see them coming I jump out of my hiding place and try and catch a lift back home. I even do it when they come back from the shops while they have their hands full of shopping (At least I’m not as heavy as Pepa) When surgery time comes around I tend to hang around in case the Vets need me to wrangle any wild dogs or cats, and once they are in their procedures I’ll go and check to see who is in the office having their break and see if they need me to test any of their food just in case it’s not for hooman consumption. I like keeping them company by sitting on their laps as they are finishing off their coffees especially if it is raining outside. I love to sit on the Vets laps or in front of the computers while they are typing up their notes. Did you know that I am also quite good at sensing when people are upset? When the staff are having a rough day I make sure I am nice and close just in case they need someone to hug and hold tight. As the day draws to an end and I have done my rounds both inside and outside, it’s time to start getting ready for bed. I follow the nurses around the clinic with my sister Pepa and our baby brother Ron, as they feed all the patients in hospital. Once they reach our beds, I have my dinner and curl up in my special blankie. Most nights I am fast asleep before they even turn off the lights. In winter on those cold, wet nights I get to cuddle up to a nice warm hottie. I need to rest up well to start bright and strong the next morning to do it all over again!

My favourite things

Things I love to do include: Sitting on anyone's lap. Being carried around like a baby. Greeting our customers and patients. Sneaking some yummy snacks like cheese, leftover tuna juice and chicken. Running up and surprising the nurses and vets as they get out of their cars to come into work.

My naughtiest habit

I don't have any bad habits but I have gotten in a bit of trouble for things like sitting on the computers as the vets are trying to type. Laying on top of the radiograph developer and autoclave. Picking on my sister Pepa (She likes to tell on me, good thing we have adopted Ron now!). Jumping up to eat any leftovers on the table or bench.

What do my clients think of me?

The clients here all love me! I'm an outgoing character that loves to say hello and be with people. Everyone around here knows to open the door for me when I want to go in or out (I have trained them well!) and they know that I'm the only one out of the 3 of us that is allowed out(because I am just the best of them all, Sshh don’t tell them). People come in and always ask if I'm around and get excited when I come out to see them when they call.

Other things you should know about me

Follow my Facebook page that I share with my siblings. It was originally made up because my sister Pepa went missing one Christmas night and with the help of Facebook and social media we were able to get her back! Now it has been turned into a page for all of us where you can see what we get upto behind closed doors.