Dermcare Clinic Cat of the Year

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Tilly 15 years

DMH, Black & Brown Tabby
The Coastal Veterinary & Pet Care Centre, WA

Some say old age, I say the golden years of my life

Job title

Head Clinic Cat

My day-to-day task list

Eating, sleeping, wandering around the clinic to keep a check on all the nurses & vets to make sure they have said hello to me today, checking that the nurses paperwork stays warm, greeting patients & clients

My favourite things

Hot roast chicken, playing with my mouse toys, being cuddled, sleeping.

My naughtiest habit

Getting under the nurses feet whilst demanding my food, hiding to sleep in odd places & then pretending I can't hear the nurses call my name.

What do my clients think of me?

My clients LOOOVE me, they often share cuddles with me in reception while i keep them company. My nurses have been asked many times if I'm up for adoption, but I know my home is here with them.

Other things you should know about me

Why vote for me?

Even at 15 years old I have so much energy & love to share, being a clinic cat means I'm not just your average household cat. I'm a working cat, My day usually begins when I am freed and my sleeping quaters have been cleaned. I usually do a lap of the clinic to see who I'm working with today, I will then come back to my surgery nurse or kennel hand & walk under their feet or follow them around till my roast chicken has been cooked, I have a very delicate stomach & hypothyroidism, so I usually have a nurse give me my tablets once I have finished my morning & evening meals. I usually like to make sure I am in the reception area by 9am promptly to greet the first rush of morning consults & then take a quick nap before lunch, where I will try to see which of the suckers will fall for my big glowing stare of love & give me some sneaky bits of there food. I like to think of lunch time as "Tilly Appreciation Time" - this is when I will stretch up to the nurses for my cuddles in which I like to firmly hug onto them like a koala & give them a quick "Tilly Kiss" which is where I rub my face onto their faces. Enough about my working day, here are some of my trade qualities:

I love to keep people company by often approaching them & if they let me climb into their laps I will have a cuddle, my nurses often get asked if I'm up for adoption from my admiring fans at the Coastal Vets that come in to visit me.

My nurses often tell me I am the most fearless cat they have ever met, nothing bothers me at all ... dog trying to eat me... it doesn't stop me, I'll still try to rub myself up against it.  The nurses even tried to do this ridiculous prank on me, which they saw on the internet with cats getting scared by a cucumbers, but nice try girls, still couldn't get me because I'm no big scaredy cat!

I have also been a grandmother & comforter to many, many, many adoption and surrender kittens & cats just like me. 

I would love the opportunity to take out the title of "Dermcare Clinic Cat of 2017"! So please, please my adoring fans spread the bark, meow, squak, sqweek & yell and VOTE #1 for me "TILLY" at The Coastal Veterinary & Pet Care Centre!


Voting has now closed! Please see the winners of the competition listed here Cat of the Year Winner