Trevor 7 months
Domestic Short Hair, Grey Tabby
Peninsula Veterinary Surgery, QLD

All litter, no glitter

Job title

Receptionist, Throne Warmer, Food Tester

My day-to-day task list

A day is not complete unless I have taste tested any food that comes in the order, used everyone's pants as scratching posts, teased all the dogs by sitting just out of reach on reception and eaten every important document.

My favourite things

I absolutely love my fortnightly bath, playing fetch, all kinds of human chips from their stock orders, really big dogs, and warming my human's seats....but not getting up when they need the chair.

My naughtiest habit

None, I am perfect

What do my clients think of me?

Naturally, they love me. I'm constantly complimented on my coat being the softest they've ever felt. They even think it's cute when I bite them.

Other things you should know about me

So how did I become a clinic cat? Well, I was found in a crab pot with my brother and sister and kindly brought into Peninsula Vet by a lady who couldn't keep me herself... #sobstory I know but due to my charming good looks and superb personality, the team decided they couldn't let me go! Not surprising though, really.