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Nonie 2 years

Domestic Short Hair Goddess, Grey Tabby
Timbertown Vet Hospital, NSW

Who run the world...Nonie!

Job title

Professional seat stealer, Nurse trainer, Inpatient food investigator, Phone cable inspector

My day-to-day task list

My days usually begin with me waiting to hear the chime of our front door opening and the arrival of my slaves for the day. They've been here for few minutes now and nobody has attended to me yet or cleaned my throne. This is where I queue the magic that is my singing:

My favourite things

I absolutely love chasing my nurses around. When lunch time comes this is the prime time for me to sneak up and practice my surprise attacks. Most of the time they see me coming and my plans is foiled but its the thought that counts. When the vets are typing up notes, I love to sneak up for a cuddle and do everything in my power to a) distract them from writing their notes b) attempt to rub my butt in their faces and c) inspect the phone cords and nibble them to make sure they are working right. I love to lounge across the reception desk when I am out of the playroom. Whenever the girls aren

My naughtiest habit

Well well well, where should I start? Firstly, if there are patients in hospital I feel that it is my job to make my presence known to them all, I mean hello I am the most beautiful cat alive right?, so who wouldn't want to know me? I rub myself all over the cages and make it a priority to sample their food. This has put me on strict diets a couple of times now, but oh well! If the staff can have their cake at morning tea, I want my extra bickies right? I love to chase anyone walking by the kitchen and bat them across the back of the legs if they choose to ignore me or not feed me... I'm always fading away to a shadow you know? OH WAIT! IV FlUID LINES! If there are any hanging around and nobody can see me I love to nibble on them and take an oral dose of Hartmanns! Delicious. This then creates the ultimate game of hide and seek for me and the nurses AND I LOVE IT!!!!!

What do my clients think of me?

Well isn

Other things you should know about me

For me I was incredibly lucky to have found myself a home here at Timbertown Vet. The girls fell in love with me the moment I presented to the clinic and I knew this was my chance at a happy and safe life. Ill try keep the story short but here goes!

My story began on a property just outside of the township of Wauchope, which is situated in the beautiful hinterland of the Mid-North coast of New South Wales. An elderly couple were outside gardening in one of the paddocks close by to their homestead when the lovely lady heard my faint cry for help and was astounded to find me curled up and laying there helplessly. They scooped me up and hurried me in to the place I now call home! On assessment it had been decided that I had been hit by a car and in addition to a split pelvis, my right hip was dislocated and my left femur was fractured!. This meant that I would need surgical intervention if I were to pull through my recovery. Somehow our Principal Vet found a place for me in her heart and it was decided that I could stay. She took me home and to my surprise I was in a home with four other cats!! I tried to show them that I was big and brave and could play the games too but I started to get too rough and it was then that we decided my life was better off in the clinic. I shuffled between the clinic and a nurses home for a while so I wasn’t lonely at night, and I absolutely loved the extra attention and extra food I would get a night time when I had sleepovers! It was a hard road but lucky enough for me the girls kept my spirits high and I went on to have a femoral head resection and heal as best I could. I still limp a little bit, and every now and then I am a bit sore after a big day of play but I am forever grateful for the love I have received from my nurses and vets.

We are currently building a brand new hospital and I am so excited to be moving soon and having my own deluxe office suite upstairs where I can keep an eye on all the girls. So please follow our story and my journey by liking our facebook page and keeping track of all my naughty moments week to week.

Voting has now closed! Please see the winners of the competition listed here Cat of the Year Winner