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Eddie Spaghetti 12 years

Domestic Short Hair, Black
East Port Veterinary Hospital, NSW

Born to be Wild!

Job title

Practice Manager

My day-to-day task list

My day begins early, however does not start until I am ready! At 7:00am I am woken up by one of my aunties, the poor thing has to open up the hospital and attend to patients. Sometimes I am not bothered by this, but there are times I have woken up on the wrong side of my fluffy and I want food, new litter, attention and I want it all Now! Once I have gotten what I wanted, I will generally lie in until my presence is requested (9:00am) my daily duties can vary depending on the day and especially the patients. You see, as practice manager I am responsible for organising and maintaining my humans, patients and the premises. That is why I do countless trips inside and outside, inside and outside, checking stock levels ( they call it hiding in cupboards), supervising delivers (or hiding in boxes), helping my receptionist

My favourite things

I love long walks on the beach, candle lit dinners and listening to Barry white

My naughtiest habit

Naughtiest habit, Is that even a thing? How could I do wrong? I

What do my clients think of me?

Lucky for me, you

Other things you should know about me

I am not one to be dramatic, I keep to myself, low profile, never making situations about me… its just not my style.
Although, seeing how we are on the topic…

Let me just set the mood…
(Picture a dull autumn day, miserable with rain, no sun in site, no chance of a break in showers)

Once upon a cat life…

In a small town on the mid north coast, called Port Macquarie, there lives a feline, nameless, a stray to roam around the city, however this stray was not making dough’ until he found his forever home.

He knew there was love out there for him; he just had to find those hearts that would call him family.

The search took him far and wide, high and low.
A small price to pay for the cost of love.

Unfortunately, what he didn’t know is the dangers that lie ahead.
You see in Port Macquarie it is not uncommon to treat tick patients all year round, and a pet without protection is a pet at risk. The poor stray stood no chance once he started journeying into grassland areas, for soon a tick the size of a pin head found its way up past his leg and attached itself safely behind his ear.

Without knowing it, his search would almost cost him his life. Within two days he started to feel a little “off” less energetic, he thought he just needed some rest. After a nap he found some water to drink, but he was not able to drink. Thinking he needed food, he went looking for food, when he found some he was having difficulty swallowing so he stopped. And kept walking, after walking for hours he began to feel tired again, but ignored it. He had a family to find and nothing was getting in his way. No matter how strong his mind was, his body was turning against him.

So he kept on walking, by now his legs started to feel tired. Almost as if he began to drag his feet, from his feet to his legs, they became harder to control (use). He was now dragging his legs. Panicked, feeling short of breath, he took a rest. As he lay on what would be last time he chooses to be still, he can feel the use of his body being taken away from him.

He can only lie there, struggling to breath, each breath feeling more draining than the last.

Deciding to sleep, he closes his eyes.

Feeling his body move, gently rocking he opens his eyes, looking up he can see a human (he is being carried) trying to move, he cannot. All he can do is look around, not sure where he is, it’s noisy. There are dogs barking, cats meowing, trying to smell his surrounds, the place does not seem familiar, but he is not scared.
Now he had been handed over to a man, the man rushed him through a door and placed him on a table. With what felt like a big pinch to his ear, the man removed a well engorged paralysis tick. As the strays vitals were being checked, a mask was placed over his face to support breathing difficulties. The man called out to a nurse “we need to treat this cat or he is going to die!” the nurse’s reply “we have to call the ranger, he is a stray!”.
With what the man said next, made the stray realise his search was over…

“He is not going anywhere, he needs us!”

And they all lived happily ever after.

                                                 The end.


I was roughly five months old when I was brought to Eastport suffering from tick paralysis (borderline severe). If not for that kind lady I would have died not knowing my family, I purr for them and them alone.

As I made a full recovery from the paralysis they started calling me Eddie, but as soon as they gave me a name, they took all the coins out of my purse (if you catch my drift).

Roughly a year later I developed avascular necrosis resulting in me needing femoral head and neck surgery. (2006)

In my teenage years I ruptured my left cruciate ligament (2011), after those orthopaedic procedures I started using cartrophen for my developing arthritis. We gave it a year and blaming my parent’s genetics my hocks and stifles were becoming affected. So in 2012 I was the first cat to undergo stem cell therapy at Eastport, and they have been trying to catch up me ever since.

My family take the best care of me; actually it is not care at all, its love.

Clearly I don’t look my age, I could pass for eight, hey.

If I can do one small thing for my family, it would be my dream to win Dermcare clinic cat of the year 2017. So I can tell everyone, My humans, My family, their here to make a difference.

Voting has now closed! Please see the winners of the competition listed here Cat of the Year Winner