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NORMAN 5 years

DSH (Dapper/Sassy/Humble), Black, White & Bow Tied
Toowong Family Vet, QLD

If you don't vote for me, I will find you

Job title

Delive-furry Man: You want? You got it. But not if it requires doing, like, anything that I don't want to do...

My day-to-day task list

The role of Delive-furry Man takes skill, a can-do cattitude, and attention to de-tale: Furless clothing? Here

My favourite things

Including, but not limited to: Pooping. Scooping. Meeting. Greeting | Farting. Staring. Glaring. Eating | ?Perching. Fighting. Grooming. Sleeping | ?Pouncing. Talking. Rolling. Peeping | Laying. Playing. Posing. Musing | Kneading. Winking. Stealing. Snoozing | Clawing. Grabbing. Flopping. Biting | Lurking. Twerking. Big-butt-typing | Ageing. Raging. Modelling. Mauling | Dressing. Undressing. Conference-Calling | Messing. Stressing. Distracting. Masseuseing | ?Seeing. Peeing. Power-Abusing.

My naughtiest habit

The dictionary of Norman states that to be 'Naughty' is to partake in endeavours that one enjoys at the dislike and/or dismay of others. So in the spirit of things (because why just choose one?) that make my heart go boom:? Pooping. I just really love a good, stinky 5pm poopoo | Peeing in my litter tray, but not IN the litter, and getting wet little tootsies to pitter patter around the clinic | Climbing into other cat

What do my clients think of me?

"Amazing! Wonderful! Handsome AND Cool | That debonaire Normie, he ain't no fool | He's got the looks and the attitude, that can't be beat | The John West of the tuna, the best of the meat | Norman's articulate and witty, a real mover and shaker | With both beauty and braun, he's a real heartbreaker | Baby's got back, and some booty, and plenty of jelly | (And the way to his heart, is straight through his belly!) | When after a Clinic Cat to rule (and to dictate and enslave) | Norman's the man for the job; he's certainly our fave!" - The Norman Fan Club

Other things you should know about me

'I don't know who you are. I don't know what you want. If you are looking for a boring clinic cat, I can tell you I don't have those qualities. But what I do have are a very particular set of skills, skills I have acquired over a very long career. Skills that make me a nightmare for people like you. If you let the trophy go now, that'll be the end of it. I will not look for you, I will not pursue you. But if you don't, I will look for you, I will find you, and I will bite you.' - Norman (aka Bryan Mills/Liam Neeson) - Taken

  • I am the Liam Neeson
  • I ate the cookies from the cookie jar
  • I have my own Instagram page:
  • aaaaaand Facey page:
  • Some days, I like to go tie-less. I’m such a free spirit like that #normaste
  • I starred in 101 Dalmatians - I was Cruella’s hair
  • Oprah and I dated. It was great, but there’s only so many free cars that one cat can handle, y’know?
  • I have eight nipples - but I wear them proudly - and loudly
  • I once licked Nelly’s bandaid right off his face. Our gazes caught one another's. Then we embraced passionately. It was a magical moment
  • Everyone thinks that Lassie died years ago, but she’s chillin’ at home, with me. I dress her up as an Irishwoman and the only words I speak to her are "Potatoes" and "Sheamus"
  • I love a good twerk
  • I’m a sassy woman
  • I have been referred to as a UFO - an Unstoppable Farting Object
  • Ru Paul’s Drag Race is my fave show - "Haiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii"
  • Bruno Mars is my half brother.. also the least talented one
  • I like Pina Coladas and getting caught in the rain
  • I just missed out on being Wolverine - apparently I was just TOO ripped…
  • I love wearing tap shoes around the clinic  ~ tip, tap, I'm the tip-tap cat, who's a tippa-tappin, it's Norm the tap cat! ~ * throws glitter *
  • I helped Einstein with E=Mc2 (it was originally e=nmc2 (relative norman mass), but I told ol' Bertie to take it for himself)
  • Activewear. Activewear. Doing literally nothing in my activewear
  • I once traveled the world as a stowaway in Madonna’s Cone Bra on her Blonde Ambition Tour
  • I cried in Game of Thrones when Hodor turned out to be Hold the Door
  • I preferred when Snoop Dogg was Snoop Lion
  • You steal my food, I will cut you
  • I’m super into gangsta rap
  • My favourite movie is Birdemic (you can thank me once you watch it)
  • I am Luke Skywalker’s Father. Well, his non-biological father. Well, not really his father as such, more like a strong, male presence that's not present in any way, shape or form
  • I try to escape in other cat’s carriers. So far: Unsuccessful. I shall persevere
  • I am a world-renowned Professional Oshiya
  • I love to partake in a little of the Harlem Shake
  • I shot JFK  (JFK = Jasper Fuzzymittens Kitten from up the road. And by shot I mean glared at him for an uncomfortably long time through the window)
  • If there is a bag on the floor, I will get in it. It will be mine. We will be as one. Together. Forever
  • I used to be a catnip addict. Now I’m just an enthusiast
  • I own a Furr-ari; that’s right, ladies
  • I struggle to text due to lack of thumbs
  • It's not pink: it's salmon. Mmmm, salmon...
  • I was a body double for Kim Kardashian in Kayne's 'Bound 2' Video
  • I won Gold at the 1987 Olympics for ‘Long Poop' and 'Triple Poop’ #nationaltreasure
  • Tell me your secrets… So I can use them to destroy you
  • I bite people and they think it’s funny. People. Are. Weird!
  • I never made it on Broadway because my Jazz hands just weren't up to 'scratch' buh-dmm-tss
  • I'll give you 13 Reasons Why - 1) Food, 2) Food, 3) Food, 4) Food, 5) Food, 6) Food, 7) Food, 8) Food, 9) Food, 10) Food, 11) Food, 12) Food, 13) Food
  • Kitty from Arrested Development is kind of an inspiration to me, the name is just a bonus
  • I can't turn left... because I'm alright ;)
  • I love to crump my hump and bump my junk with a hunka hunk spunk
  • Cash me ousside. Meow bow dah?
  • own the Care Bear Stare

Voting has now closed! Please see the winners of the competition listed here Cat of the Year Winner