Dermcare Clinic Cat of the Year

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Little Brother 12 years

DSH, Tabby & White
Drummoyne Veterinary Hospital , NSW

'Perfecting the art of doing nothing much at all'

Job title

Staff Liaison and Snack Management Officer

My clinic duties

Whilst LB is not obligated to perform any duties, he willingly undertakes the role of Staff psychologist, dog discipline coach, cuddle therapist, kibble thief, inconvenient fluff distribution manager and cardboard box assessor.

My favourite things

"Sunbaking, cuddling Rosie, meowing for food, running away from the vacuum cleaner, sticking my paw into the adoption kitten's and boarding cat's cages to pinch their food, squeezing my rather rotund bottom into tiny boxes, and waddling like a penguin."

My naughtiest habit

"Stealing kibble from the adoption kittens and boarding cats cages.... and over-shooting the litter tray when I poo. I like to leave the occasional nugget outside of my litter tray for my esteemed colleagues to clean up :) "

What makes me an important part of the team?

Little Brother makes us all smile everyday. He offers us an opportunity to giggle and find some humour in what can be a very busy and emotionally charged place at times. If we're having a hard day, he is always there waiting to climb on your lap and entertain you with his box-based contortion skills and hilarious waddle.

Other things you should know about me

Little Brother came to the clinic when his elderly owner passed away. He had several cats, all of which found new homes with neighbours, family and friends. All except for Little Brother :( 

He was boarding here as a temporary solution when we all fell in love with him and realised he had to stay. At the time, our previous clinic cat, Precious, had become very unwell. Little Brother doesn't really like other cats, but he loved Precious. He followed him around, groomed his coat and sat with him during his last few weeks with us. He was also a big source of comfort for us when we were sad.

He's an awesome little cat, and although he doesn't do much besides lounging and stealing kibble, he has a beautiful presence and our clinic wouldn't be the same without him :) 

Whilst this win would mean a lot to all of us, he's already the number one clinic cat in our eyes!

Voting has now closed! Please see the winners of the competition listed here Cat of the Year Winner