Dermcare Clinic Cat of the Year

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Marmie 6 years

Fat Cat, Calico
Kingsford Vet Hospital, NSW

A vote for me is a vote for less wee's!!

Job title

The boss!

My clinic duties

Well, my top priority is to keep my staff members up to date with their skills and knowledge. We sometimes like to give students the opportunity to see practice with us or do their placements here. Last year, I gave the staff permission to put me under a GA and clean my teeth. It was purely to allow the student to practice. My teeth are perfect. I was just trying to be nice. Anyway! I felt everyone was a bit too relaxed about it all, so I said I will teach them. So basically I tried to DIE! I stopped breathing, went a nice grey/blue colour for them and stopped my heart in recovery. Needless to say, everyone panicked. Served them right, I thought. I did begin to feel slightly bad as I knew my favourite employee would be coming into work so I decided to come back to life. After some CPR, adrenaline, rads, sweat and tears of course. It took my awhile to come back to normal, I think I may have overdid it. But anyway, moral of the story is I am alive and I taught them all a valuable lesson. There is no such thing as a small or easy job.

My favourite things

Well obviously eating and sleeping but that goes without saying. I do also like to patrol the clinic for any food spillages, clean floors, opened food packets etc. And paperwork actually, yeah I love it. I like to roll around on the managers desk and help organise it all. She wouldn't know where to put it anyway.

My naughtiest habit

I am never naughty, everyone else is just purely annoying. I just don't understand why I cannot get fed when I ask for it and I just don't know how these little pesty kittens keep finding there way into my practice. I have tried to express my feeling about this but no one listens. So tough luck. If no one listens then I wee. I think that it fair. Its just their tough luck if they don't appreciate me. I have to try keep some bit of order around here. They should consider themselves lucky I am still around to do so. Fair is fair!!

What makes me an important part of the team?

Shes just simply Marmie <3

Voting has now closed! Please see the winners of the competition listed here Cat of the Year Winner