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Stephen 4 years

Domestic Short Hair , White and Tabby
Deniliquin Vet Clinic, NSW

Stephen Roosevelt Vanderwood - Resident Feline

Job title

Resident M.D (Doctor of Meowdicine)

My clinic duties

Attending sick and injured patients food bowls, rodent control, foster parenting, seat warmer & trip hazard.

My favourite things

Sunny positions, pre-warmed heat mats, second hand food and any bed that isn't mine.

My naughtiest habit

Taking up residency in patient's cat carriers or letting myself into clients cars, then expecting to be taken home with them. Also wee'd in the mail bag a few times, no biggie.

What makes me an important part of the team?

Stephen puts up with our non-consensual affection everyday and still chooses to live with us. He is also loved dearly by our all our clients and is somewhat of a local celebrity. He is an un-official emotional support animal for clients and staff, and can always find a way to brighten those tough days.

Other things you should know about me

Hi there! My name is Dr Stephen MD (Doctor of Meowdicine) and I am the resident feline at the Deniliquin Vet Clinic. I started as an intern at DVC in 2015 after I was pulled from a roof cavity and was handed into the clinic. Since then, I have had some interesting adventures in and out of the clinic. Most days I enjoy snoozing atop of the kennels in the dog room, making my presence known to my loyal fans on the front counter and scoping out comfy cat cages that don't belong to me. My fellow doctors and nurses often play tricks on me and cuddle me WAY too tight, but jokes on them - because I can poop under their desks and wee on their belongs without being fired. I have had thoughts of leaving the clinic to purrsue other careers such as bird watching but always find myself turning up on the doorstep the next day because I miss the heat mat and food bowl too much. In my role as a resident feline, I have provided life-saving blood donations, acted as a foster dad to many furry babies and warmed many seats for my fellow doctors. I hope to continue my services at DVC for many years to come. Please vote for me!

Voting has now closed! Please see the winners of the competition listed here Cat of the Year Winner