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Albie 6 years

DSH, Tabby & White
Johnston St Vet Clinic, VIC

Because I deserve it!

Job title

Patient Warmer & Food Taster

My clinic duties

Amongst my favourite duties include tripping anyone in a hurry, keeping the prep table warm, tasting patient's Critical Care food, supervising whoever is cooking chicken, peeing-outside-my-litter-tray-while-staring-into-your-eyes champion, perfect box fitter #ifIfitzIsitz, food pouch stealer and very VERY occasionally, lap warmer.

My favourite things

HEATMAT above all things.... my CatNip banana, Da bird, the red dot, CHICKEN!, warm blankets from the dryer & tiny boxes! Occasionally I also enjoy grooming foster baby kittens (when I think no one is watching)

My naughtiest habit

Showing off my soft, warm, wobbly & aprony belly (and attacking who ever dares to touch it!)

What makes me an important part of the team?

As a clinic cat I take my job very seriously; always making sure to keep everyone on their toes by regularly swipping them for attention, peeing in a hidden corner or terrorising the "watch" dog patients. It is hard work making sure everyone is working hard!

Other things you should know about me

In 2013 I was handed into the clinic as a tiny kitten... I was meant to be up for adoption, but due to my sassy attitude and unshakeable confidence, it was decided that I would become the clinic cat. This is my home, and I am king. It is all peasant's job to always make sure I'm warm and happy.

For more mischief follow the hashtag #albiethecliniccat on instagram! 


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