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Buster 13 years

Lab X Retriever, Golden
Forth Valley Vet Clinic, TAS

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Job title

Chief Executive Meet and Greet Officer and General All Round Smile Enhancer Snackume Cleaner

My clinic duties

Cleaning up any left over food, and I mean ANY left over food. That is probably my most important task as I see it, but apparently I do make all the clients happy when they see me. Sometimes I help the new puppies when they are scared, and I have even scored myself a couple of girlfriends too.

My favourite things

Eating snacks, getting pats, eating snacks, sleeping, eating snacks. greeting people, eating snacks.

My naughtiest habit

Eating too many snacks and laying in doorways, or just laying anywhere that I am in the way. I do have an awesome big comfortable bed in the office but that''s not in the way so it's no fun being on that. Some clients have treats in their pockets when they come in, and due to my excellent memory and attention to detail I will remember them and just stand there and bark until they give me a treat. I bark at the nurses too, in hope of getting a treat. One Friday I had to have some I/V fluids and I chewed my catheter out five minutes after the girls placed it, they weren't overly happy as it was knock off time.

What makes me an important part of the team?

Buster is an important part of our team, not only for the smiles he brings to everyone's faces when they see him, but for the comfort he gives during the sadder times. He is also very handy at literally being a Snackume Cleaner.

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