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Dora 8 years

DSH, White and Black
Midwest Vet Centre, WA


Job title

Chief Executive Mischief Maker

My clinic duties

* Quality control supervisor - I must sample every portion of fresh chicken before an inpatient is offered it. * Portion Control Supervisor - To ensure my staff are not over-eating, I help myself to their lunches, whether they want to share or not.

My favourite things

I love to perch around the clinic, ensuring my staff can view me at all of my flattering angles. This might mean I need to walk across their keyboard, or lay along the top of the printer. I also really love breakfast and dinner time, and will berate staff if they are not two minutes early and prepared.

My naughtiest habit

I like to have a new collar every few months, so I leave mine stuck in the trees in the clinic garden. Also sometimes, I find baby snakes and bring them into the clinic patio.

What makes me an important part of the team?

My delightful, sassy attitude provides endless entertainment for my slaves at Midwest Vets. This brightens their day, lowers their stress levels and makes me the most important part of the team.

Other things you should know about me

Every year in March, my staff throw me a birthday party. We close the clinic for an hour over lunchtime, we invite all of my friends (even the friends who only own dogs!) and we have snacks and cake. My favourite slave makes me a different type of cake ever year. This year I had a salmon and prawn cake!

If you're nearby, make sure you come along to the next one! 

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