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Fergus 2 months

Domestic Long Hair , Tabby and white
The Barnyard Vet, TAS

Would you throw your best friend in the trash?

Job title

The big boss / security

My clinic duties

It’s hard being a cat sometimes. Most of the day I sleep, which can be quite tiring. When my mum wakes me up to feed me I know it’s my time to shine. All I have to do is pull a cute face and purr and all of the clients love me. It is also my role to knock things off of benches and annoy my mum. My main role however, is to make every client that walks in and sees me smile, which is pretty easy to do, I mean, look at me, I’m adorable.

My favourite things

I looooove food. When I sleep I dream about only two things, catching mice, and food. However, I also have lots of other things of which I love, which all come after food of course. My favourite thing to do when I see a human, especially my mum, is give them a big smooch and cuddle. I love when my mum gives me blankets that come straight out of the dryer, they put me straight to sleep. My mum carries me around in a nice soft bag that hangs around her neck, which I love because I get to see everything while still being safe within my mums reach. After I’ve finished sleeping I have so much energy! I run around the surgery for hours on end. While I’m running around I like to attack the dog leads and knock them off the rack, then I run away before I get in trouble.

My naughtiest habit

It’s so funny to walk on the human’s keyboards and papers. They get annoyed, but they love me so it’s fine. I’m only two months old so I have a lot of energy which can be a lot to handle for my mum and the other humans. For now I’m still very young and haven’t picked up a lot of naughty habits just yet, but I am sure they will develop with age.

What makes me an important part of the team?

Fergus is a true example of just how tough animals are, and that no matter what another person may do to them, they will always love you with all of their heart. He puts a smile on everyone’s faces, which is very important within a veterinary clinic, especially when times get tough for both the customers and the workers.

Other things you should know about me

I may look cute and cuddly, but don’t judge my strength by looking at my appearance. 

Two weeks ago came to be one of the best days of my life to date. 

I was discovered on the side of the road, eating my only meal of the day, a rotting possum. It tasted horrible, but I was absolutely starving, it would have to do. The humans that found me carefully picked me and placed me in a dark, cardboard box. I was so scared. I was in the box for quite some time, when suddenly a flash of light hit my eyes and that’s when I saw the human that would come to be my mum, for the very first time. I was picked up out of the dark box and placed onto a warm blanket. Four humans surrounded me, looking at me and whispering to each other.

I was cold, wet, and covered in animal carcus. My fur was covered in grass seeds and was matted together. I was immaciated. 

The humans then proceeded to feed me what I would describe as heaven. It was amazing. I scoffed the food down in seconds, and as soon as I had finished I was ready for more. I was given water, of which I guzzled up. I was so dehydrated. One of the humans (aka my mum) wrapped me in nice warm blankets. I had never slept peacefully. I had to sleep with one eye open while I was living within the forest. Every other animal wanted me to be their dinner and I had to be strong, I wasn’t going to be eaten. That night however, I cuddled up in my blankets and dreamt of food, warmth and home, until I was awoken the next morning by my mum. 

I was frightened at first and tried to make myself look scary, however after she gave my a big cuddle I felt safe and content. I was fed more food and was given more water. I was then placed into a sink full of warm water. The water felt so nice. I had never had a bath before. There was a river within the forest, however it was dirty and stunk. My mum ran the water over me and massaged shampoo through my hair. She gently pulled out the animal carcus that was matted throughout me. I was then lifted out of the water and wrapped into a warm towel. Another human examined me and gave me a heath check, then proceeded to give me a couple of needles and tablets. Any one else would cry and fight against this, however I just loved the attention and I knew that my mum wouldn’t ever hurt me unless it was for my own well-being. 

Every single day, I am hugged, I am kissed, I am loved. 

I now, for the first time in my short life have a home.


Voting has now closed! Please see the winners of the competition listed here Cat of the Year Winner