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Harvey 14 years

Russian Blue X, Grey
Flinders View Veterinary Surgery, QLD

Train like a beast, look like a beauty

Job title

CEO (Chief Eating Officer)

My clinic duties

As CEO of the surgery I have these girls wrapped around my little paw. I do work hard though and help out around the clinic, usually by cleaning up any spilt food (#gains). Another duty of mine is to keep these girls happy and relieve any stress around the place. They seem to get enjoyment out of squishing my extra rolls (#ripped)...

My favourite things

When I'm not working on my beach bod (#thechicksloveit), I do love a good meal or four. My personal trainers have me on a super strict diet but I do love a cheeky bit of chicken every now and then. I also enjoy getting my tan on in the sun for that summer glow up.

My naughtiest habit

Look.. It was a dark time in my life.. I don't enjoy it being brought up. But one time I did go to the consult room and purposely smash the full glass treat jar on the ground. We all get hangry- am I right (#shreddingseason #bingeeating)?

What makes me an important part of the team?

Harvey is the shampoo to our conditioner, the Malaseb to our yeast, the Pyohex to our bacteria, and the beauty to our beast!

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