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Helen 5 years

Domestic Short Hair, Grey tabby
Lake Road Veterinary Clinic, NSW

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Job title

A few of my main roles are: CEO, Head nurse, Queen, pest control, sass consultant, canine behavioural tester, blood donor and last but not least resident kitty tripod

My clinic duties

As you can probably imagine I have lots of duties at the clinic and am in high demand daily. Every decision made at the clinic must come through me, so I have nurses, reception staff, vets and management all knocking on my door asking for my opinion. Being head nurse I have to make sure all animals are looked after all hours of the day so I find it my duty to sleep in the hospital ward with all of my patients so they are never sad or lonely during the night. Another duty I have taken on is catching pests around the clinic - often catching them outside and bringing them inside to show my team. You may be thinking "how does she do it with only 3 legs" but I will never reveal my secret. I am a sass consultant 24/7 but find my favourite time to be my sassiest is when it is time to do my worming/flea prevention and when I get my needles. I like to run though the door to the hospital ward to test the canines nerves (the nurses don't think it is as important as I do). I occasionally donate blood to the less fortunate and sick patients. I am a very charitable gal you know!

My favourite things

My favourite things include food, food, cat naps, chasing things, food, helping in consults, sleeping, food, napping, occasional cuddles, drinking from the tap and food.

My naughtiest habit

My worst habit also is one of my favourite things to do. I quite enjoy breaking into food storage and opening all the brand new bags of prescription diets. I usually don't even eat the food I just like the thrill of it.

What makes me an important part of the team?

Being a part of the Lake Road Vet team lets me be someone to smile at at the end of hard days and someone to have a cuddle and play with at the end of the best days. I am always there trying to get in everybody's business, even clients handbags. The team wouldnt have me any other way

Other things you should know about me

I am currently fighting the battle of my life! I am supposed to be preparing for the Inaugural Clinic Cat of the Year Awards. Today my staff noticed me behaving slightly unusual. My team realised something was not right. On closer examination and after a series of advanced blood tests, ultrasound and kidney tests I was showing signs of a very potent toxin that has damaged my kidneys. My staff cannot rule out if this is the result of a poisoning or accidental toxin ingestion. I am currently in ICU and the team are monitoring me closely. My kidneys currently are not working at all and over the coming days my staff will be able to asses the damage further. During this time we please ask you to send your lucky thoughts, well wishes and prayers to my team and I. ♥ 

Please check out the Lake Road Vet facebook page for updates on my condition. 

The clinic also has an intagram account that I like to update you on all of the cool things my team and I see in the clinic. 

Voting has now closed! Please see the winners of the competition listed here Cat of the Year Winner