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Jed 8 years

Ragdoll, Lilac Point
The Cat Clinic Paddington, QLD


Job title

CFO - Chief FURnancial Officer

My clinic duties

InFLUencer-promoting vaccinations within the feline community; dandruff awareness ambassador; treat negotiator.

My favourite things

Bow Ties & Belly Rubs

My naughtiest habit

Falsifying feeding charts & feigning starvation at all times.

What makes me an important part of the team?

I'm a cuddly Jeddy bear. I'm always there for a snuggle and more than willing to lift staff and client spirits.

Other things you should know about me

Although I might be pure bred on the outside, I am 100% moggie in the middle!  I was found abandoned in Rocklea , a one eyed bag of bones, covered in fleas and in desperate need of some beauty therapy.  After lots of love, dental work,  grooming and constant snacking, I am back to being the plus sized gentleman I was born to be.  I have definitely landed with my bum in the butter! Follow my instagram @Jedofpaddington to see more.

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