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Kong 5 years

DSH, Ginger and White
Bonny Hills Vey Clinic, NSW

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Job title

Kong the lifesaving supercat.

My clinic duties

Providing stress relief and snuggles to all the staff.

My favourite things

My fave things would have to be sun baking, hanging out with my sister Kit and cuddling with my hoomans.

My naughtiest habit

My naughtiest habit is sneaking into the next door neighbours house and eating their cat food, whoopsies.

What makes me an important part of the team?

Most most important role in the vet clinic is saving the lives of cats in urgent need or a blood transfusion.

Other things you should know about me

Hi I'm Kong, my sister Kit and I have lived at the Bonny Hills Vet Clinic since we were kittens, and as rescue kittens we could not have found a better home.  Lots of cats and hoomans come to visit us here and we are very curious to check them out.  Although there are lots of noisy dogs visiting Kit and I can sneak back to our cosy beds and relax. 

I'm a real superhero as I have saved the lives of multiple cats in life threatening situations, (although I have to admit I am not to keen on needles!)

I am so proud to be a part of the Bonny Hills Vet clinic Team. 

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