Dermcare Clinic Cat of the Year

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Linus-George 3 years

Domestic, Ginger/White
Eastern Shore Veterinary Hospital, TAS

I'm not plump, i'm fluffy

Job title

Chief of cuddles/Mental health officer, Store room patrol officer, Food quality control, assistant clinic note writer

My clinic duties

Food connoisseur, running regular cat yoga classes, chair warming, patrolling wards

My favourite things

My number 1 favourite thing is when Gran (Boss lady), feeds me as she feeds me 10x more than everyone else does! I also enjoy being the clinic assassin of food bags and when I get caught out doing that, I move on to their hot milos and milk froth on their coffees! I love eating all the chicken that is supposed to be for the patients, I even put my paws through the cages to try and steal it which makes for a fun game! When no chicken is available for me to devour, I have been known to occasionally take chunks out of birthday cakes. When the food has run out I try and make my own by making 'biscuits' on the chairs. The nurses and vets think i'm just trying to keep it warm for them! And last but not least, I love helping the vets write up their records, I even like to add my own notes. I do exceptionally well at it, especially when I sit directly on the keyboard!

My naughtiest habit

Knocking the 'milk frother' off the machine whilst in progress is a lot of fun, I hate waiting for my treats.. The humans gave me a box with paper bits in it.. I'm not sure why so I just poop next to it. I figure they want me to keep it clean? When i'm tired of the special box, sometimes I wait until they have just mopped the floor and then I go and piddle all over it. We play 'chasings' sometimes. It seems to be whenever I try to go out the front to greet the clients. They pick odd times to play these games. I love trying to climb into the cupboards when they are left open, especially the cupboards with the scavenge system so I can whiff up all the isoflurane! Is this a habit or an addiction?

What makes me an important part of the team?

Although he is overly 'fluffy', and manages to share his saliva on all our food and drinks, he is always sure to make us laugh and gives both the patients and our team the love and support we often need in our busy practice.

Voting has now closed! Please see the winners of the competition listed here Cat of the Year Winner