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Michael 11 years

DSH, Black
Manly Veterinary Clinic , NSW

I'm quite fabulous really...

Job title

Clinic Tart

My clinic duties

Making margaritas

My favourite things

Giving all staff members some daily sass, welcoming my clients and patients into the clinic, I thoroughly enjoy a chat, LOVE a sun bake sand OH! Love to people watch as well, Tuna is life I go bonkas for my fish and I do love my cuddles and hugs <3

My naughtiest habit

Urinating in the bosses room - whoopsies! and consistently missing my litter box - haven't quite nailed the aiming yet

What makes me an important part of the team?

Michael means the world to us. He is the heart of our clinic.

Other things you should know about me

  • I was adopted from a very good client of the clinics 
  • I can hear a can opening from the other side of the clinic (cannot hide from me)
  • I do attempt to steal peoples credit cards or cash if they leave it on the reception desk 
  • I have had surgery which somewhat makes me more female like now
  • I have quite a deep and loud meow 
  • I have been in the newspaper 3 times 
  • I dribble an insane amount when you give me cuddles and pats
  • I do have a 4 poster bed with a leopard print bed - some call it a bachelor bed
  • I'm continuously on the Hills Metabolic diet because I simply eat way too much all the time
  • If I'm not getting enough attention, I do get my paws and pat the nurses on the face just to remind them im still there......waiting for pats....

I am a very unique cat and there is so much more about me to know! I am very well known and loved in my local community. Please vote for me!! I will give you many licks :) Thank you everyone.  

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