Dermcare Clinic Cat of the Year

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Nonie 3 years

DSH, Grey Tabby
Timbertown Vet Hospital, NSW

Bite someone, for no apparent reason. Just bite them.

Job title

Chief taste tester, lunch assistant, biscuit gatekeeper, "secure-kitty" guard.

My clinic duties

Monitoring recovering patients, demanding biscuits from the cupboard, x-ray assistant, towel softness supervisor, general maintenance manager.

My favourite things

Hills T/D biscuits, supervising the staff, getting dressed up for festive occasions, sunbaking.

My naughtiest habit

Chewing through IV lines, knocking heart rate monitor onto the floor, sneaking out to be reception greeter, sucking people in and then biting them, sitting on drapes when wrapping kits.

What makes me an important part of the team?

Nonie has massive 'cattitude.' She is there to greet us every morning and hassle us for her biscuits. She's also there when we give her a cuddle and put her to bed every night. She keeps us on our toes as we never know if she is going to give us a smooch or a swat as we walk past. She is trained to sit to receive treats and she lets the nurses know when 4pm dinnertime is approaching each day. We think she is 'catastic.'

Other things you should know about me

Nonie came to us about 3 years ago as a stray who had been hit by a car. She had no locatable owner and x-rays showed a fractured pelvis. Nonie recovered in our hospital and her spunky cattitude endeared her to all the staff and clients. She has very much made our new hospital her home over the last two years. She is a permanent fixture that staff and clients very much look forward to seeing each day.

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