Dermcare Clinic Cat of the Year

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Norman 8 years

Ragdoll , Blue Point
Park Ridge Animal Hospital, QLD

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Job title

Foreman Norman - The King of the Castle.

My clinic duties

Quality control on all hospitalised patient’s meals – especially on those containing chicken. Car Park Inspector. Yard Maintenance – Checking upon all structural property boundaries of the yard, identifying any holes in the fence…and then escaping through them. To ensure the Reception staff receive adequate exercise, as they get up from their desk to let me in the front door multiple times a day, despite never allowing me to exit in the first place.

My favourite things

Chicken, Chicken and more Chicken. Helping with the washing, plus or minus a nap on the washing machine. Order Delivery Day!! – Give me all the boxes to explore. Joining my team mates in the lunch room on their meal breaks. Sun baking….in the middle of the car park.

My naughtiest habit

Climbing into clients cars in the car park. Stretching out in front of already anxious dogs in the waiting room. Climbing into vacant patient cat carriers. Climbing into random cupboards about the hospital for a sleep, whist all the staff are losing their minds trying to find me. Oh and then of course strolling out hours later, none the wiser to the fuss I’ve created.

What makes me an important part of the team?

No one else can see the clinic from my point of view – I like to make sure the staff are aware when things are amiss on ground level. I pride myself on the important part I play in lifting staff moral, just when things get tough, I find a syringe cap to zoom around with and have the staff smiling in no time. Not to toot my own horn, but clients love me too. I am always being dragged out of my slumber to make a cameo appearance in the waiting room, to smooch on request.

Other things you should know about me

Norman came to live at Park Ridge Animal Hospital after wondering into Dr Nigel's home as a stray.  Being a man about town, living life on his own terms, he wasn't happy to stay home alone all day at Dr Nigel's empty abode, but has found delight carrying out his days as part of the family here at Park Ridge Animal Hospital. 

Voting has now closed! Please see the winners of the competition listed here Cat of the Year Winner