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Petunia 3 years

Domestic Short Hair, Black
GAWS Vet Clinic, VIC

Petunia the Pelvis Cat

Job title

Keyboard warmer

My clinic duties

Mice catcher, dog reactivity tester, cat tower extraordinaire

My favourite things

Chicken, tuna and new cat towers monthly

My naughtiest habit

Hiding when its bed time

What makes me an important part of the team?

She is the boss - she is in charge of us all.

Other things you should know about me

Petunia found herself at GAWS in June 2016. She had been hit by a car and her pelvis was broken. She spent 4 weeks as a hospital inpatient on pain relief and cage rest. Soon enough, she was feeling better and screaming to be let and have a wander. We sent her down to Lost B to rest in a bigger cage, shortly, she was ready for adoptions! She had her final health check, but the clinic staff couldn’t let her go. We all came to love Petunia, even though she does become quite sassy when things don’t go her way.

Petunia or “Tuni” was such a quiet, little kitten that she was even too scared to venture out of the vet office, but now you will see her roaming around the facility as if she owns it. Now, 3 years old, Tuni is running the vet clinic and she is part of the GAWS family.

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