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Pumpkin 11 years

Domestic Longhair, Ginger & White
Trafalgar Veterinary Centre, VIC

Representing all the cats who don’t conform to expected social behaviour. Onward March for Feline Power!

Job title

Duke of Trafalgar, and Veterinary Centre Director. You may address him as Lord Pumpkin.

My clinic duties

My clinic duties involve greeting patients in reception, indicating my status and position with a swift up lift of my tail and stance. I ensure all patients know I am in charge here. I test their bedding in their cages to ensure it’s comfortable. I suck up all the angry cat pheromones from under the consult door and make sure to do an investigation of what went down in the room later. I routinely dust products on display in reception with my fabulous tail. I give the staff a rest when unpacking orders by climbing in the boxes so they have to wait until I’m done investigating.

My favourite things

My favourite things include: doing mad skids on the lino in the reception area, to keep clients on their toes thinking "What on earth was that?" Sleeping on the note book next to the receptionist because the day isn't about serving clients, it is for giving me 100% attention. Sleeping behind food bags to give clients a pleasant surprise. Making sure there are remnants of my fur everywhere so I can't possibly be forgotten for one second. Inspecting all boxes, bags, draws and cupboards to see where I can fit. And mainly I enjoy sleeping in the consult sinks in the sun watching over the consults. I do enjoy a fuss and a cuddle from my staff. But only on my terms.

My naughtiest habit

I take pleasure in exercising my exquisite claws to shred the last roll of paper towel. I like to vomit fur balls on freshly painted walls. I empty syringe containers and play soccer in front of clients. I chew on feliway spray bottles to get a natural high. I climb the toy displays to help myself to my favourite one and run away with it. If the dental machine isn’t packed away properly I will chew on the cords. I have tried multiple times to escape the clinic in the base of client’s prams. I’m not a fan of children and I never will be.

What makes me an important part of the team?

He’s stunning and really lovable and gentle deep down. He gives all of us a better understanding of feline behaviour and environmental enrichment for indoor cats and specifically the requirements in keeping such a unique individual like Pumpkin satisfied in the clinic.

Other things you should know about me

I was found in a nappy box in a local carpark, after some school kids kicked the box and realised it wasn't empty.

Voting has now closed! Please see the winners of the competition listed here Cat of the Year Winner