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Rango 6 years

Australian Kelpie, Red & Tan
Marius Small Animal Veterinary Clinic, NSW

Always willing to lend a helping paw!

Job title

Puppy Class Coach

My clinic duties

Entertaining and teaching puppies how to be well behaved

My favourite things

Watching Guinea Pigs in the rain, "helping" on the farm and playing with puppies

My naughtiest habit

OCD with sheep work and life in general

What makes me an important part of the team?

He helps to demonstrate to the puppies how to do select behaviours like sit and down etc. Donates blood to other dogs in need

Other things you should know about me

Rango came to become a helper with puppy and dog training classes as he was found to be a bit OCD with his farm work.  He started coming to puppy classes and is a natural. He loves the puppies and shows them patientce and how not to bark even if things get exciting! He is so good at his job with his easy going attitude and once you get him focused on something he will do anything! 

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