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Robbo 14 years

DSH, Dark Tabby
New England Veterinary Services, NSW

Robbo for President

Job title

Clinic Pest

My clinic duties

Crying Wolf, Soliciting pats, Greeting customers so they can let me in, then out, then in again.

My favourite things

Stopping traffic so that I lick my bum in the middle of the road in my hi-vis vest (so everyone can see me)

My naughtiest habit

Hanging out with my delinquent girlfriend at the pub up the road. She doesn't know my 'plumbing' is disconnected

What makes me an important part of the team?

There's no 'cat' in 'team'. I don't know what a team is; I'm a cat.

Other things you should know about me

I am a very well known figure in my part of town.  Everyone knows me and I often 'fall over' if people approach me outside in an (often successful) attempt to get a pat.  I never shut up.  Ever.

I wear a hi vis vest as I'm a little slow crossing roads because of my missing leg (and the fact I stop to lick my bum on the pedestrian crossing).  

I do enjoy a little drag dressing on special events and rock my outfits like a champ! (see the facebook page!)

Despite being a bit of a pest, I'm a loving and tolerant cat, and I do love my humans most of the time.  And they love me more than I love them which is completely what I expect.  

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