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Sabrina 15 years

Domestic Long Hiar, Black
Eltham Central Veterinary Hospital, VIC

Sabrina Sassypants

Job title

Sassy Site Supervisor

My clinic duties

Licking clients, giving the evil eye to patients, ensuring my minions do the dirty work properly.

My favourite things

Snoring while sleeping on the reception desk, sneaking outside when clients are entering/leaving, refusing to come inside when the weather is purfect.

My naughtiest habit

Severe cattitude, especially to slobbering patients entering my sleeping quarters.

What makes me an important part of the team?

I ensure everyone has their thinking cat on throughout the day and help the minions stay pawsitive.

Other things you should know about me

Breaking Mews: Bad Cat puns run rampant

I enjoy puramids.

favourite song: "All you knead is love" - The Beatles & "I'm feline good" -  Michael Buble 

favourite actor: Jean clawed Van Damn

favourite movie: the little Meowmaid.

favouite word: Pawsome!

favourite drink: Catpurchino

Turn up the mewsic! let's get this pawty started!

I have reigned over Eltham Central Vet Hospital for some 15 odd years. some would consider me part of the furniture, most consider me part of their family and 100% of our clients want to take me home. I have eased the pain of clients going through some hard decisions and made people laugh with my selective drooling (which I only do if I REALLY like you). My namesake is due to my green eyes and enchanting personality - Sassy Sourceress Sabrina.

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