Dermcare Clinic Cat of the Year

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Scabbers 12 years

Domestic fuzz ball, Tabby and White
South Hedland Vet Hospital, WA

Being fabulous is hard work, but not for me.

Job title

The Boss

My clinic duties

Keeping my loyal subjects in line, stirring up angry dogs that want to eat me, protecting the reception keyboard by laying on it and of course, being the face of the clinic (you need a beautiful face to greet our lovely clients!) I used to hunt mice but now I find the rat bait more appealing. I also clean kittens if I'm feeling nice.

My favourite things

Food, kneading peoples faces, when bedding is set up for a procedure (BEST EVVVEEERRRR!). Also our lovely receptionists keyboard is amazing (its even more comfortable when someone is trying to use it). Oooooooo and I almost forgot, laying in the middle of the waiting room and watching all the patients go crazy.

My naughtiest habit

I don't have any, I'm purrrrfect. Although my loyal subjects would say I trip them over all the time and I knock business cards off the reception desk when they try to overrule me. Also nonchalantly being where I am not supposed to be whilst causing maximum disruption....but I do what I want!

What makes me an important part of the team?

He makes everyone happy, even though he likes to be a pest. We all love him, clients included. He gives us unlimited therapy and hugs. Our clinic wouldn't be the same without him.

Other things you should know about me

How I became Scabbers!

I was originally brought into the hospital from a remote mine site in the Pilbara. Some workers had befriended me with snacks and I decided to hang around, specifically around the mess where apparently I was starting to be a pest (ppffftttt) and had to be removed.

When they dropped me off to South Hedland Vet Hospital in a trap, the receptionist at the time promised the mine workers that she would help find me a home. I was kept in a cage out the back and then she decided I would make a great clinic cat. They were all like, ‘phfft! he needs a bath first.’. So, she washed me... and skinny, diseased, parasite ridden, eww, bush, Tom Cat,  I just sat there in the sink and let her wash me (false advertising mwahahahahaha!) I was referred to as the ‘Scabber’ or ‘Scabby’ Cat (while I was undergoing various treatments & learning how to be a civilised cat citizen).

I could usually be found either lounging on the Vets office desk (once healthy enough and no longer a potential contagion ) or, in a bin... Fast forward a few months later and I was still kicking around the clinic when we had a bunch of young kids come in to poke things and learn about caring for pets for a field trip. They needed an ambassador cat for them to cuddle - cue, Scabbers. I just strolled right on up and willingly threw myself into the sacrificial circle of small children. Boom. Clinic Cat. Status - Living My Best Life.

Voting has now closed! Please see the winners of the competition listed here Cat of the Year Winner