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Simba 8 years

DSH, Ginger & White
Marrickville Vet Hospital, NSW

I'm the boss and everyone knows it.

Job title

Dr. Simba!

My clinic duties

I like to think I'm the most qualified doctor at Marrickville. I'm always helping out with dentals, x-rays, checking the anaesthetic machines for the nurses, taking phone calls, educating the nurses on what foods I like and where I like to be petted. I also walk around the clinic each day and make sure everything is in working order as it should be!

My favourite things

Sitting on the vets and nurses laps when they're writing up notes. I also like to 'make love' to my bed... it's a little odd i'll admit. I love sleeping on the x-ray processor (it's so warm), and sitting on the keyboards when everyone is trying to use the computers.

My naughtiest habit

Where do I start.... if no one is giving me any attention I howl at the windows, and then go and wee on something so people notice me. I also pick the keys off the keyboards, and try and sneak my way out to reception to say hi to everyone!

What makes me an important part of the team?

Simba is just....Simba! He makes us laugh, he makes us frustrated (sometimes), but most of all he makes us happy that we have someone to cuddle when we have admin work to do. He's also a popular cat on our Facebook - he features every Monday for Dr. Simba updates!

Other things you should know about me

Simba was a stray at Marrickville....twice!! We worked so hard re-homing him the first time, and a few months later he was brought back into us! We figured it was a sign from the cat universe that he just belonged here! 

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