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Simon 10 years

Domestic Shorthair, Tabby
Furkids Veterinary Surgery, QLD

I sleeps all day, and I sleeps all night. I'm one happy cat, I'm doin' alright!

Job title

Head of Security

My clinic duties

My top duties at the Furkids premises is to mainly sleep. I'm not kidding. I'm ALWAYS happily sleeping in a pot plant, my soft comfy bed, or occasionally on the building owners lovely warm BMW! I also like to keep everyone on their toes. Once I went missing and everyone was sad. You see, I couldn't stay with my previous owner, and I managed to find my way into the heart of the ten at Furkids, and now, I'm a part of the furrr-niture.

My favourite things

I love cuddles and smooches. I love when my nurses come and spend their breaks talking to me, and SLEEP. I love to sleep!

My naughtiest habit

I have no bad habits. Nothing at all. If anyone tells you any different, it's ALL THEM. Everyone else is just naughty and blames it on me.

What makes me an important part of the team?

I am a part of the family because everyone knows SIMON!

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