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Sora 7 years

Domestic Short Hair, Grey
The Furry Family Vet Clinic, VIC

A fight for tastier food

Job title

Quality Control Officer

My clinic duties

Whats up my name is Sora. I arrived in the Furry Family Vets in a bad way. My skin was pretty crap and I was a little skinny. I'm pretty happy here . I used to eat the same gross cat food everyday , but now I get to break into some tasty bags of KD cat food Its delicious!!! I tip toe past the reception desk nice and slowly and go right to the food stands. I just love the fresh crisp bags that arrive and I can't help myself !

My favourite things

When its closing time I like to do a big smelly poo so the nurses have to stay back and clean teehee! I love lounging about having my humans wait on my every need. I get fed three times a day but sometimes that's not enough so I have to beg like mad but I always get my own way ! I also like smacking the clinic dog Raina in the face, she always gets up in my space so I gotta put her in her place. I also like some alone time and head upstairs to the office and chill out. When the nurses are sad or tired I like to snuggle into them. I also love a good selfie and am happy to strike a pose at the sight of a camera. On Fridays I enjoy a nice cold Purrsecco to finish the week in style.

My naughtiest habit

Making smelly poos, Breaking bags open. I'm on some pretty boring diabetic food, so when I get time in my day I break open some KD . I like Flashing my private area as you can see in my picture. I hate getting my bloods taken , who do they think they are shaving my lovely coat! So I kick up a big fuss and run away .

What makes me an important part of the team?

Quality control officer and emotional support counsellor for the staff.

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