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Squirt 12 years

Domestic Short Hair, Tabby
Glen Eira Greencross , VIC

What Squirty Boy lacks in EYE's he makes up for with his HEART!

Job title

Client Relations Manager

My clinic duties

Squirt's clinic duties range from greeting clients and patients, helping the staff by being a back rest for their chair, he helps with the washing by sleeping on the fresh, warm, clean towels and lastly and most importantly you can always rely on Squirt to polish off any unwanted lunch that may be lying around in the clinic!!!

My favourite things

Squirty boy loves a cuddle. He will smooch and purr and jump all over your lap to get those kisses and cuddles that he deserves. Squirt also loves food! The moment he hears the crinkle of a bag of food or the crack of a tin opening, he will be there - front row, meowing and ready to eat that food!!

My naughtiest habit

Well... as we mentioned, one of Squirts favourite things is food and he has run into some trouble after eating the staff's lunches and stealing food from the bench! No one can be mad at him for long though.. He might not be able to see to well but he sure knows how to jump onto a table or bench and steal yo food!!!

What makes me an important part of the team?

Squirt is a VERY important part of our team. He's there when we laugh, he's there when we cry, he's there to make us giggle when we are busy and too consumed in our duties to stop for a second to appreciate our work. He is so happy to see you in the morning that you want to jump out of bed to get to the clinic to be with him again and he's the best to be with late at night when you're tired from the days work and he is there, to give a cuddle and some love. There's nothing more important then that beautiful, kind, furry love that Squirty boy gives! He is so special.

Other things you should know about me

Squirt is a special boy because he has low vision and undeveloped eyeballs. He has micropthalmia, where his eyes did not fully develop from birth. You would never know though, Squirt is amazing at navigating his way around the clinic.



Voting has now closed! Please see the winners of the competition listed here Cat of the Year Winner