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Sushi 19 years

Ancient Oracle (A.k.a Domestic Short Hair), Black & White
Nundah Village Vet Clinic, QLD


Job title

Team Supervisor & Chicken Taste Tester

My clinic duties

Clinic duties include avoiding taking my medications, running the clinic with an iron paw, lunch inspections

My favourite things

Chicken, sleeping the days away on MY chair

My naughtiest habit

I wouldn't call it 'naughty' I would say that taste testing all of the treats and returning them to the bowl for others to enjoy is a public service, just making sure none of them are spoiled. Oh, and that cat-aggressive dog you have over there? I just want to be friends, I swear that's the only reason I'm sitting in plain view of that cage, right this second.

What makes me an important part of the team?

She is everything to us

Other things you should know about me

I may be a little older than the other clinic cats, a little rougher around the edges and deaf as a post, but that just means I have a lot of wisdom to impart to my team (and I can sleep peacefully even with those dogs who are apparently barking two feet away). At night, after everyone else has gone home I like to log on to my Instagram (@sushi_vetcat) and let my followers know what shenanigans I have been up to.

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