Terms and Conditions

  1. Competition commences at 12:00am AEST on 1/12/2016 and closes 11:59pm AEST 31/03/2017. This includes all entries and voting.


  1. One entry per dog.


  1. Owner contact details will not be supplied to any other company. They are required so that Dermcare can contact owners about entries or to contact the winning owner directly. Owner details will not be displayed without consent.


  1. Nominating owners must have purchased Dermcare shampoo or conditioner from their local veterinary clinic to enter. The name of the product and date of purchase must be supplied at the time of entry. Owners must retain proof of purchase to be eligible to win.


  1. By uploading pet details and images, owners provide consent for Dermcare to publish these images on the Dermcare Website and the Dermcare Dog Facebook page. These images may be used for marketing purposes for future Dermcare Dog competitions.


  1. Entries will be approved and published on the Dermcare website within 3 business days from the time of submission. Any entry deemed inappropriate will be rejected. Nominating owners who have had an entry rejected are allowed to attempt to enter a second time. Whether or not a submission is published is entirely at Dermcare