The symptoms of allergies can include:

- Scratching or chewing at the skin
- Rubbing of the face into the carpet or furniture
- Warm or red skin on any part of the body, including ears
- Raised pimple like spots on the belly
- Hair loss
- Dry or flaky skin
- Recurring ear or skin infections

Although some symptoms are more suggestive of one type of allergy (such as hair loss and chewing over the rump and base of the tail in the case of flea allergies), the type of allergy cannot be determined by the symptoms alone. Also, some of the symptoms listed above may be due to diseases other than allergies, such as bacterial infection, fungal infection, parasites, pain or autoimmune diseases.

If your dog displays these symptoms, it is important to seek veterinary advice so that tests can be run to diagnose your dog’s condition, and the correct treatment can be provided.