Merja's radio show

Our staff here at Dermcare are a multi-talented group. Our Scientific Director, Merja Ruutu, hosts a fortnightly radio show in her native language of Finnish. The show airs every second [...]

Brave dog of the week

There was some drama in the Dermcare family earlier this week when our clinic manager Jacki's dog was involved in an altercation. Gizmo, a tri-coloured Pomeranian, was minding his own business [...]

AVA Annual Conference

Our WA and Victorian rep Elle and our technical vet Susan have just returned from a successful week at the AVA Annual Conference in Perth and would like to thank the AVA for such a well organised [...]

Vetoryl case study

Attention all vets! The year has flown by and it is already June! A reminder that if you have any patients receiving Vetoryl for canine hyperadrenocorticism, please submit your case study to [...]