About Dermcare

Who We Are. Our Heritage.

Dermcare-Vet is a 100% Australian owned and operated company founded in 1981 by Professor Kenneth Mason. Professor Mason was the first veterinarian in Australia to be registered as a specialist Veterinary Dermatologist. He is in demand to lecture in Australia and overseas. Many of his discoveries have application to both human and animal health.

Our aim, and thus our advantage, is that we concentrate the business on a limited range of very high quality products which are developed for specific veterinary dermatological purposes.

Dermcare-Vet products can be found in Australia, Asia, Africa and the Pacific where they are supported by a growing number of distribution partners. Malaseb™ is manufactured and distributed under license in both North and South America as well as in Europe.

In 2020, as Ken moved towards focussing on clinical work, research and product development, his son Tristan and daughter-in-law Crystal began playing a major role in the running of the company. Tristan has experience in supply chain and production and is a qualified electrician, while Crystal is a trade mark attorney. Tristan is now Deputy Managing Director and Crystal is Head of Quality, Compliance and IP. Their diverse skills and family connection will ensure that Dermcare remains the globally recognised yet family oriented company that has been built to date.

Pictured here are Ken, Tristan, Crystal, their young son Stanley and Buffy, Ken’s labrador.

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