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C.M.O (Chief Moral Officer)

Buffy or Buffet as she is sometimes referred to due to her LOVE of food, is a Labrador who started her Dermcare journey as a patient of the Animal Allergy and Dermatology Clinic in 2017. When Buffy first arrived at Dermcare she was working for the Queensland Government, but due to severe allergies she was no longer able to work in her trained field. It wasn’t long before Buffy captured the hearts of the Dermcare team and Dr Ken Mason. Due to her forced retirement, it was decided Buffy would become a permanent member of Dermcare, and live out her days on Dr Mason’s farm.

The Government invested a great deal of time and effort into training Buffy, all of which was immediately forgotten, and replaced with puppy dog eyes, selective hearing and a habit of raiding the offices for toys or food.

Buffy’s role at Dermcare is constantly evolving and changing. From training new staff pets in the appropriate codes of conduct, to performing quality control on all snacks and ensuring no toy remains intact, she plays a vital role in the happiness and productivity of the team here at Dermcare.