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2 Minute Gram Stain Technique

What is the benefit of using Gram Stain for cytology in clinic?

While Diff Quick is useful for identifying Malassezia and white blood cell types, it stains all bacteria the same colour – purple! Therefore, it can be hard to distinguish short rod shaped bacteria (bacilli) from round bacteria (cocci), as they will be the same colour, and a similar shape.

Gram Stain is useful for identifying different bacteria as it stains gram negative bacteria pink/orange and gram positive bacteria a dark blue/ purple. In dermatology, gram negative bacteria are almost always bacilli, and gram positive bacteria are almost always cocci. Therefore we can differentiate the shapes based on colour!

Knowing which bacteria are involved in skin and ear infections allows us to choose the correct treatment.

The Gram Stain technique we use here at Dermcare is simple and quick!


Welcome to Winter

❄️Welcome to Winter! Brrrr it’s cold outside!❄️
Did you know… Aloveen Intensive Conditioner can be applied to a dry coat?
It’s perfect to use during these cold winter months, keeping your pet smelling fresh between baths!

Aloveen Intensive Conditioner is specifically designed to be left on the coat, so no rinsing is required!

Not only does it smell amazing, it also replenishes moisture back into the skin and coat.

Apply to the coat at several points and massage in to disperse evenly. Remember, a little goes a long way!

Dermcare Pet

In recent months we’ve found ourselves spending more time at home – with our beloved pets! Last month Dermcare ran a short competition to acknowledge the joy that pets bring to our life and how they have ‘helped’ us during COVID19 restrictions.

We had many fantastic entries, but our Dermcare Pet winner is Bosley – @bozzie.the.ozzie !

Bosley has been entertaining his family at home, while also taking the time to relax and pamper himself. To view all of the great Dermcare Pet entries search #dermcarepet on instagram.

Thank you to all those who entered – we thoroughly enjoyed seeing how your pet’s are keeping you entertained.


Winner of VNCA 2020 trip!

Recently Dermcare ran a competition for veterinary nurses to win a trip to the 2020 VNCA conference being held in Melbourne. The entrants where required to answer questions on their role in helping owners understand allergies, which can be complex!

We received an incredible amount of entries but after much consideration our winner is KATIE LYONS from Braidwood Vet Surgery! Katie’s prize includes flights, accommodation and conference registration to the VNCA conference.

Your local representative will be in touch soon to arrange details.

Thanks again to all the nurses who entered!

The Dermcare Team

**Due to the current COVID-19 restrictions and cancellation of the VNCA in April, Dermcare will honour this prize for the 2020 rescheduled date, or if that is unsuitable, the 2021 VNCA conference**

Dermcare voted Best Stand at ASAV Conference

Last week Dermcare exhibited at the 2019 Australian Small Animal Veterinary Conference on the Gold Coast. Once again it was a fantastic event run by the Australian Veterinary Association, and attended by over 300 Veterinarians.

The Dermcare team spoke about Canine Otitis, on the Otoflush Liquid Gold stand and had vets testing their skills to WIN $500 on the claw machine. The highly addictive game had delegates and exhibitors lining up to try and win a prize!

To top off an excellent conference, Dermcare also took home the delegates choice award for Best Stand. While this is the first time the team has taken home the trophy at the ASAV conference, it will be their 5th Best Stand win!

Norman’s Coronation Party

What better time than International Cat Day to celebrate the coronation of our 2019 Clinic Cat of the Year Champion!

Eariler this week Dermcare joined Park Ridge Veterinary Hospital in celebrating our 2019 Champion, Norman. The team at Park Ridge held a spectacular high tea, with staff, friends, family and the community joining in the fun and sharing their favourite stories of Norman.

The Town Crier even made a special appearance to announce Norman’s victory, and thank his devoted fans for their support.

Norman was bombarded by the paparazzi but kept his cool, and worked that infamous charm while recieving his crown, sash and trophy.

Dermcare would like to once again say thank you to all of the Park Ridge Veterinary Hospital team for their incredible effort in this years competition!


Dermcare wins best stand at VNCA Conference

Dermcare, a gold sponsor of the Veterinary Nurses Council of Australia National Conference, has won best trade stand for 2019. The team had an amazing time interacting with the nurses, sharing their knowledge of dermatology and Dermcare product use, and hearing about some interesting cases from the field. We are quite sure that the animals of Australia are in good hands with these nurses in charge!

We are looking forward to our next conference in May, which will be the Australian Veterinary Association Annual Conference in Perth.

Hotspot competition winners

Thank you to all vets and nurses who entered our Hotspot Quiz! We received over 500 entries and were thrilled to see so many thoughtful answers about treating this painful and irritating condition.

We are pleased to announce our two winners:

Arielle Bridges
Familypet Vet McLaren Vale and Coromandel

Kellie Whitechurch
St Albans Veterinary Clinic

Congratulations! Your local representative will be in touch to arrange your prize.

Thanks again to everyone who took the time to visit the website and enter the quiz, and we wish you all a happy and hotspot-free Christmas!

The Dermcare Team

Nurse Photo Competition Winners!

The staff at Dermcare Vet and Dechra NZ have had an IMPOSSIBLE task this week in sorting through the amazing photos for this competition!

We were overwhelmed by the effort that everyone put in to their pictures, impressed by the knowledge of shampoo therapy and its importance in managing skin disease, and of course wowed by the cuteness of all the patients.

After MUCH back and forth, we are happy to announce that the two winners, who will both receive flights, accommodation and conference registration to the VNCA Conference in Brisbane in April 2019 are….


Australia: Rhiannon from Toorak Road Veterinary Clinic, Victoria (entered on Facebook)

NZ: Phoebe.ellen91 from Dunedin (entered on Instagram)

We also have two runners up , who will each receive a $200 VISA card:


Runner Up (Creativity): Tabitha from Swan Street Vets, Victoria (entered on Facebook)


Runner Up (Humour): Shannon Chippendale (entered on Instagram)


Thank you to everyone who entered, congratulations to our winners, and remember to always #washwithdermcare!


If you are one of the winners, please contact us at to organise your prize.


The Dermcare Vet and Dechra NZ teams

Case Study Competition

Over the past 3 months, Dermcare has asked Australian vets to submit case studies on patients with Cushing’s or Addison’s disease. We were delighted to receive such a high number of entries and thank every vet who took the time to prepare their cases for submission. It provides us with excellent feedback on our products and our technical support service. Additionally, the owners’ comments on the improved quality of life for their pets reminds us of why we work in this profession!

Once again, we have been impressed but not surprised to find that vets are doing an excellent job in diagnosing and managing these often difficult diseases in practice, and we are proud to supply effective and safe products to help them do so.

We received some really interesting cases, including Cushing’s myotonia, severe calcinosis cutis, a failure to respond to compounded medication, Addison’s disease secondary to Trichuris vulpis (whipworm) infestation, hyperadrenocorticism in a cat and many dogs with both Cushing’s disease and concurrent illnesses.

It was a near impossible task to select the winner, as all cases were of such a high standard. However, the winning case study provided a clear overview of presenting signs, a thorough and logical approach to diagnosis and a treatment plan that had a successful outcome for the dog, despite the presence of additional diseases.

As Dermcare supports continuing education and best practice, we are pleased to provide the winning vet with the opportunity to attend the European College of Veterinary Internal Medicine Congress in the Netherlands in September.


The winning vet is:

Dr Claire Micklethwaite of Furkids Greenbank, QLD, with her case study on “Chester”.



We also have a runner up, who will receive a $500 voucher to use towards a continuing education opportunity, and this prize goes to:

Dr Barbara Jameson of Vets @ Acacia Gardens, with her case study “Management of Pituitary-Dependent Hyperadrenocorticism with Trilostane (Vetoryl) in a Cat”.



Our highly commended cases, who will each receive a $100 voucher and a prize pack for their patient, are:

Dr Louise Roberts of Richmond Veterinary Clinic
“Winnie, the dog who hated intramuscular injections”

Dr Rachel Nightingale of Ulladulla Veterinary Hospital
“Diagnosis and management of hypoadrenocorticism in a whippet”

Dr Justin Ward of Reedy Creek Veterinary Surgery
“Rufus: A challenging case of canine hyperadrenocorticism”

Dr Anna McInerney of Johnston Street Veterinary Clinic
“Gizmo: a Cushing’s Case with Concurrent Conditions”

Dr Kate Phillips of Bayswater Greencross
“Zycortal in the nick of time: a case study on the treatment of hypoadrenocorticism in a mixed breed dog”

Dr Jesse Standage-Wardle of Windaroo Animal Hospital
“Muzzah – case study of a new patient diagnosed with hypoadrenocorticism”

Dr Danielle Wille of Northern Districts Veterinary Hospital
“The Great Pretender: Canine hypoadrenocorticism”

Dr Louise Pierce of Toorak Road Veterinary Clinic
“Hypoadrenocorticism in a Hungarian Visla complicated with atopic dermatitis, musculoskeletal and skin trauma and generalised anxiety”

Dr Matthew Retchford of Croydon Veterinary Clinic
“Link: Cushing’s Myotonia”

Dr Anneke Van Dyk of Bexley Veterinary Hospital
“Zycortal Case Study”


After reading well over 100,000 words for these case studies, we are more than confident that Australian pets are in good hands! We wish we could award every single entry with a prize, as they were all so well done. Congratulations to our winners, and pats and hugs to all the patients as well!

The Dermcare Team

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